Proper Second Baby Shower Etiquette

There are plenty of people who feel a baby shower for second time moms is excessive. That moms will already have the supplies needed to take care of the new baby and there’s no point in cluttering up the home with more at a second baby shower. Etiquette demands that a new baby is greeted with just as much enthusiasm as the first, despite being the younger brother or sister. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when throwing a shower for experienced moms; gifting, behavior and the amount of preparation needed for such an event.

What to Give at a Second Baby Shower?

Naysayers of the second baby shower are correct in that the mom to be will already have the basics; crib, changing table, stroller and even a car seat. This doesn’t mean they won’t need more basics to care for the new baby. There are lots of necessaries for a baby and these items can add up!

Consider purchasing gift items to local supermarkets and grocery stores so the parents can pick up plenty of diapers and baby food. They’ll also enjoy actual presents of diapers, food, formula, bottles and even new clothing. The new baby can’t hang out in nothing but hand me downs! For more gift ideas I’ve compiled a list of items that even experienced parent will need again:

  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Bottles
  • Nuknuks
  • Soft toys
  • Wipes
  • Baby powder
  • Socks, bibs, soft cloth
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants, especially ones that deliver!

These items may not be the most original, but the moms and dads will be glad to get as many of the disposables as they can. You’d be surprised how fast a baby goes through diapers.

Proper Second Baby Shower Etiquette

When you show up at a second baby shower, etiquette says to follow the mom’s lead. She’ll be happy to have her friends around to celebrate the birth of a second child, although depending on how far along she is, she may be a bit tired.

Do offer to help out at the party, putting out food, doing dishes and so on. It’s likely that mom will have a team of helpers on hand to take care of clean up, but it never hurts to offer. Just don’t pester her about it if she turns you down. Some moms don’t like the implication that pregnancy makes them invalids.

Since this is a second baby shower, there may be young children at the party. Be prepared for toddlers and older children running around the party area. If you bring your own child, keep a close eye on them to ensure they don’t cause a ruckus or get loud and disrupt other guests enjoyment of the event.

Some Preparation Needed!
No need to go all out with a second baby shower. You can have a second baby shower by throwing a small get together with the mom’s friends and family. Have it at your house or mom’s house even. The guests can also bring over dishes for a potluck style event, so the mom doesn’t need to worry about food prep at all or the would-be chef ruining her kitchen. The leftovers can stay at the expectant mother’s house to provide meals after the party.

Your kids can help serve as the decoration committee for the second baby shower; etiquette requires that there be some sort of activity for the kids. So, they can put together construction paper garlands and help blow up balloons to attach on the walls. With the aid of your party guests and these basic tips on etiquette that second baby shower should be a bash.