3rd Child Baby Showers - Is it proper to have one?

Traditionally, baby showers are held only for the first child, since families then had children that were very close in age so the younger ones got hand-me-downs instead of new stuff. Now, however, there are bigger gaps in between children, so baby showers are more of a necessity than anything else.

But what is the proper baby shower etiquette for a third child? If the second child is of a different sex, then there could be a good excuse to have another baby shower. But a third? It seems like the parents-to-be are greedy, right?

However, baby showers for each child are becoming more normal and it's not really a breach of etiquette anymore. There are a few rules that you may want to consider before the next baby bash.

If you are having a baby shower for a second or third child, your guest list becomes of primary importance. Don't invite everyone you can think of and definitely not someone that went to your first baby shower unless they are family or very close friends. You don't want to look like you are soliciting gifts to fund the first year of the baby's life.

To simplify the baby shower, plan it according to a theme. It's understood that the parents-to-be already have the larger pieces of baby equipment so gifts like a stroller or playpen won't be on the list. They will still need the little stuff or the bare necessities, so to speak. Onesies get stretched out of shape and stained with everything the baby came in contact with and things like diapers, baby toiletries, or medical necessities definitely need replenishing.

And since you'll be working with a theme when it comes to the gifts, you don't need to set aside a chunk of time just to watch the mommy-to-be opening the gifts. Thirty minutes of diapers if a bore, so use the time to do something else.

Activities for this type of baby shower can also go against the traditional and proper etiquette for baby showers. You can forgo the games aside from the gift opening and change the format of the baby shower entirely.

For example, why not have the baby shower focus more on the mommy-to-be rather than on the baby? Anyway, she needs the time to rest and relax. So, something like a spa baby shower would be perfect for a third baby.

And while the mommy-to-be is being celebrated, it would also be great to remember the older siblings as well. It's tough for them, with all the attention going towards the little one, they feel rather left out and a simple ceremony like presenting them with a special gift or making them part of the celebrations where they share a poem or present a little gift for the new baby will make them feel appreciated and special.

Baby showers for younger siblings definitely fly in the face of tradition. But traditions are made to change and evolve, so who's to say that this practice of having a baby shower for a second or third child is wrong – or right?