How Much Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

One thing that we are never sure of is gift-giving. After all, how do you quantify how important someone is to you? To top it off, you're often limited by a budget and as much as you'd like to spend more, you can't do so.

So, how much should you set aside for a baby shower gift? The answer is, it depends on you. Check how much you can afford and don't go over your budget. Be creative when buying a gift and make use of the sales that dot the commercial landscape very often. People are often concerned about spending too much or too little, especially when compared to other people's gifts. But the important thing is just to get something that feels comfortable to you budgetwise that the new mom-to-be will also find useful.

Most people spend about $25 - $30 for a baby shower gift. If you are just a very casual acquiantance of the mom, then you can even get away with just getting diapers or something very inexpensive. Generally, the closer the person is to the gift recipient, the more money they usually spend on them.

If it's a person that you feel very close to and would like to buy something special for, you could even go up to $100 without feeling guilty. After all, you're not a celebrity so you won't be expected to give a baby bag from Louis Vuitton or a Murano chandelier for the baby's nursery. Give what you can afford and don't be embarrassed by it. The average baby gift sale on baby gift websites is $60-$120.

If you would like to give a big-ticket item like a stroller or playpen but really can't afford to do so, why not team up with other friends and pitch in for one? It would be the best solution so you and your friends don't overspend while the mommy-to-be gets something special and practical from all of you.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with making a gift for the new baby or mommy-to-be. Actually, it just might be more appreciated since it comes from the heart and requires a little more thought and effort than pulling out your credit card. Why not surprise everyone with something handcrafted?