Baby Shower Invitations Etiquette

If you're planning a baby shower, you'll want to be sure to follow the rules for baby shower invitations etiquette to ensure that everyone feels comfortable responding to your invitation and attending the special event. Following the proper etiquette will also help to reduce the stress associated with planning such a big event and help you to better organize your plans for the baby shower.

Etiquette for Inviting Baby Shower Guests

The first rule of baby shower invitations etiquette focuses on who you are going to invite to your special event. You shouldn't feel obligated to invite people you are not close with or who do not feel will be supportive during such an exciting time. Your guest list should include the names of friends or family members who are important to you and who will add to the beautiful memories you will create at your baby shower.

Mailing Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitations etiquette can also help you to get your invitations sent out in a timely manner so that you have enough time to receive the responses and let caterers and other event staff know how many people will be attending. The rule of thumb for mailing these invitations is to mail them out six to eight weeks ahead of time. This will give them ample time to arrive and for your invitees to respond so that you can keep planning your shower.

Information to Include in Baby Shower Invitations

The rules of baby shower invitations etiquette also help you to understand what to include in each baby shower invitation. Details of the shower, such as the date, time, location, and name of the person being honored should be included. You should also include any special instructions. For example, you can include information about the theme of your shower so that guests know what they should wear or bring to the event. Be sure to also include RSVP information so people can let you know that they plan to attend.

Baby Shower Reply Cards

It can also be good baby shower invitations etiquette to include reply cards with your baby shower invitations. Instead of having to receive dozens of phone calls, which can be hard to track, invitees can simply send back their reply cards and let you know if they are able or unable to attend your baby shower. For an added touch, include a postage-paid envelope so that the people on your guest list can mail the reply cards back at no cost to them.

If you follow the rules of baby shower invitations etiquette, it will be much easier to plan your shower and keep track of all of the important details.