Unique Baby Shower Bouquet Ideas and Instructions

Baby shower bouquets are fun decorations that can be used many ways during the celebration. They can form the centerpiece on the tables, decorate other parts of the room, be interactive activities for the guests, and be gifts either for the mother-to-be or for the guests. These are really fun things to create as well! Just take a look at the following ideas and follow the instructions:

First of all, get settled on the container that you'll use to hold the bouquet. This will depend on the degree of formality and the theme of the baby shower. For example, you'd just use plain terra cotta pots for a Parisian or Western themed baby shower. A more formal one, like an English tea, may require the use of a ceramic vase. You can paint plain pots with metallic paints for an African themed shower or for a futuristic themed one. Brightly colored paints in the baby shower's color scheme will be perfect for a kid-themed shower.

One popular kind of baby shower bouquet is made with articles of baby clothing like socks, mittens, a cap, even onesies. Other articles like hand towels or washcloths can be used as well. These articles of clothing are twisted into rose forms and set on “stems” of floral wire that was wrapped with green floral tape. These make big and small rosebuds that can be set in dry floral foam and interspersed with artificial filler flowers. These pretty bouquets can be set alongside a complementary diaper cake as a centerpiece for the buffet or gifts table.

Another type of baby shower bouquet is created from candies. This truly sweet table decoration is made from wrapped sweets that are twisted together using floral wire. Five to seven candies are bunched together at one end of the wrapper, twisted together, and fanned out like flower petals. The wire is covered with green floral tape and artificial leaves can be added along the “stem.”

This arrangement can be put in the middle of the table and deconstructed after the baby shower to serve as favors for the guests. A pretty filler for this type of arrangement would be beaded flowers or leaves. They're just sparkly enough to stand up to the shiny candy flowers.

An interactive baby bouquet decoration would be the baby advice bouquet. This can be as small as a tabletop bouquet or can grow as large as a blossoming tree, depending on the number of guests attending the baby shower.

All that is needed is a few branches that are bare, floral wire, large beads for the flower centers, various colors of paper cutouts in flower shapes, and different colored pens to write on. Arrange the branches in a sturdy container.

Guests write bits of advice on the paper cutouts when they arrive. These “flowers” are then threaded onto a doubled-up piece of floral wire that has a large bead threaded onto it and positioned in the middle. Push the wires through the center of the “flower” and then twist the flower onto the branches. By the end of the baby shower, the branches will be full of pretty paper blossoms that are also filled with precious words of wisdom.