Baby Scrapbooking Ideas

If you're thinking about making a baby scrapbook for the mommy-to-be to fill up once the baby arrives, you've got a really good idea. After all, these books are a wonderful way to keep information recorded: baby's first smile, first word, first time sitting up alone, or even the favorite food! There are so many baby scrapbooking ideas that you can come up with, one book may not even be enough!

A scrapbook definitely requires a lot of thought so it's good to plot out what you'll put in. You could start out with baby pictures of the parents-to-be themselves and set aside some pages for pictures of the baby shower. Next are the more detailed pages that show the baby's development. Last, you could leave a page or two for the parents to write a letter to their child that can be read when they're older. You can tack on an acid-free envelope for them to tuck the letter in.

An important point to remember is to use archival-grade materials throughout to make sure that the baby shower scrapbook will last a long time.

Now that you've got your blueprint all planned out, it's time to go get the basics. You can purchase a blank cover for the scrapbook and loose pages for the inserts. A plus for this setup is that the mommy-to-be can re-arrange the inside as she wants.

You can choose to decorate the cover any way you want. A nice idea is to base the cover on the chosen nursery theme. For example, if the mommy-to-be's little princess is going to settle down in a pretty, modern nursery in soft petal pink and rich chocolate brown, then those could be the colors of the cover.

Choose various printed paper in the color scheme. One pretty design calls for dividing the cover into quadrants and using a different pattern for each quadrant. A paper “ribbon” can be made from the sheets and decorative scissors making a patterned edge. Paste that over the edges of the paper to hide them.

The cover can also be embellished with pictures of the mommy-to-be as a baby. Instead of using the real pictures, though, scan them and print them out on acid-free paper before pasting onto the cover.

For the inside, a great touch for the first page is to write a beautiful poem or the lyrics of a favorite song regarding childhood. A beautiful choice for a baby girl would be “In My Daughter's Eyes” by Martina McBride for the song lyrics or a beautiful free poem you can find over the internet like:

When those tiny fingers curl
So sweetly around your own,
You'll feel some of the deepest joy
That you've ever known.
Because it doesn't take so long
To understand how much
Your whole life can be transformed
By a baby girl's touch.

The inside pages are also decorated individually. Just be sure to leave space for several photos and also a space for the mommy-to-be to write down thoughts or memories for that certain time. Be specific, and just remember that you don't need to come up with witty or cutesy titles for each and every page. You'll soon be developing baby scrapbooking ideas of your own.