How to Make a Baby Keepsake Box

- This box is a record keeper from baby’s memoirs’ like first shoes, favorite toy, baby book, photos, cards, first tooth and first lock of hair.
- The box is made of a simple utility box with 5’ x 7’ dimensions, enough space to personalize and label it along with baby’s name and picture.
- The inside of the box is lined with a paper type straw to add to the border and a knitted type paper is added as lining for beauty and art.
- Boxes like there are also great for giveaways during birthdays, or as gift for a baby shower. It’s multi-functional and cheap.
- Although there are a lot of memory boxes available in the market, a personalized gift as these will surely be remembered for years.


- Utility Box
- Black poster board
- Green and white feathers
- Doll keychain
- Any Journal stickers
- Glue gun and extra glue stick
- Resalable plastics
- Ribbons
- Plastic flowers
- Mini Cards – for labeling


1. Cover the Utility box with black cardboard about 5’ x 7’ enough to cover just about the end of the lid and glue on top it the mini baby’s outfit.
2. Attach together the white and green feathers using a glue gun, and glue them to the black cardboard that covers the utility box, and glue the small envelop beside it where you can write on a message or quote.
3. At the inside of the box, start by gluing the bear to the left-hand side corner of the box.
4. Cut out about 5 inches of the green paper-type straw and attach it at the top part of the inside box cover leaving about half-inch from the top most area.

5. Attach the knitted-type paper at the box to serve as lining on the bottom half part of the box.
6. Glue another set of green and white feathers and attach it at the lining.
7. Cut out the green paper type straw just about 20 inches or enough to serve as border at the upper half part of the box compartment.
8. Using the re-sealable plastic, insert items like baby’s 1st haircut and label it.
9. Cut out 2 pieces of 2x2.5 inch knitted paper, and attach it at the inside part of the box cover to serve as frame or border of the baby’s picture and then, glue on top baby’s picture, and there you have it.. Personalized Baby’s Memory Box!..
(INSIDE of the BOX)