How to Make a Washcloth Bouquet

Washcloth bouquets are really terrific centerpieces for a baby shower. These can really become a topic of conversation, especially when paired with an imaginatively styled diaper cake or diaper wreath.

The main idea for the washcloth bouquet is to put together about a dozen or so baby washcloths that had been twisted into rosebud shapes and made into a floral arrangement with dried or artificial filler flowers.

Take a little washcloth and fold it in half diagonally. At the corner that has the tag, start rolling it in loosely so the tag forms the center of the rose. When you are about three inches from the end, fold it under a bit to form a ridge and continue rolling it up to the end. Take the uneven end and fold it up about even with the rolled edge. Open it up and roll it over, almost like you are reverse rolling it over the main flower. To further secure the rose, fold the edges over like you are fluffing it out to form petals.

When you are happy with the result, thread a small dowel like a barbecue stick or pencil through the end to form a stem. If you choose a green pencil, it will look more like a stem. You can tape some artificial leaves to the pencil, if needed.

Now arrange the roses in a vase. A great decorative touch is to line the vase with a “collar” of tissue paper first to cradle the washcloth bouquet. Fill out the arrangement with artificial and dried flowers in coordinating or contrasting colors.

To vary the look a bit, use water soluble glue to stick some rhinestones on the rosebuds to make “dewdrops” or tiny decorative insects like ladybugs. These will just fall off when the washcloth is washed before use. You could also use some three-dimensional paint to add a little interest on the wrong side of the washcloths. Or, a little butterfly pin or clip could simply be attached to one of the blossoms.

Finally, to complete the illusion of the washcloth bouquet, stick in a little potpourri bag inside the vase. The smell will waft out and the natural perfume will definitely make your guests take a second glance at your creation.

These washcloth bouquets don't just need to be used as table decorations. They can be utilized as decorative touches on diaper cakes, too. They can also make pretty touches on a table diaper wreath to add a different dimension as well as color.

They can also be made into hand-held bouquets, using another washcloth to hide the bottoms of the stems. Tie everything together with a fabric or curling ribbon and form a pretty bow. A small beanie baby can be incorporated into the arrangement, too.

There is possibly no prettier, and practical, folded fabric form that you can present to a mommy-to-be or a new mommy. This is a gift they can enjoy at the baby shower, in the nursery while waiting for the baby, and afterward, as a very practical addition to a baby layette. This will really be talked about for a long time to come.