Baby Sock Boutonnieres Can Decorate Almost Everything!

Baby socks are most commonly used for warming up those cute little pink toes, yes, but did you know that baby socks can stand in for decorations, too? And the easiest and prettiest decorations are the baby sock boutonnieres. These are great ways for the daddy-to-be and the grandfather-to-be to feel like they are part of the celebration since they make perfect partners to the baby sock corsages the mommy-to-be and the grandmother-to-be are surely wearing for the couples or family baby shower.

All you need for a baby sock boutonniere is a pair of baby socks, cloth covered floral wire, green floral tape, small silk flowers, a hot glue gun and a flat-backed safety pin.

Separate the pair of baby socks and position them perfectly flat. Starting at the toe end, roll them up firmly until they reach the leg part of the sock. Unfurl the open end and fold it over the main body of the rose. This will form the outer petals of the sock flower. Arrange the petals until you are satisfied with how they look.

Take a length of fabric-covered floral wire and bend it in half. Leave the bent edge open, like a U shape while twisting the two ends together tightly. Push this end into the sock rose as far as it will go. Take the floral tape and start winding it tightly around the bottom third of the sock rose and continuing to the twisted floral wire.

Choose the pieces of artificial foliage and flowers and wind some of the floral wire to their bases, if needed. Arrange everything together: the typical baby sock boutonniere will use a large or open silk flower, a sprig or two of filler flowers like baby's breath, and a sprig of foliage. Usually, the two baby sock roses are on top or provide a base for the rest of the flowers. When it's arranged as you like, start taping everything together using the floral tape.

Once everything is secure, trim the wires to a manageable length. Cover any open or sharp wires with the floral tape. Hot glue a flat-backed safety pin to the back of the baby sock boutonniere. Finish off the baby sock boutonniere with a bow made of baby ribbons and positioned right under all the flowers.

Small charms can also be added to the boutonniere to make it more interesting. You can buy small charms or toys in the theme that you like to add to the baby sock boutonniere. For example, if the nursery is planned with an aquatic feel in mind, you could use tiny fish or shells hot-glued onto the front of the baby sock boutonniere. There are dozens of little charms too, in the shape of baby things like toys, teddies, pacifiers, rattles, or baby bottles.

These same instructions can be used for making corsages for the females in the baby shower, too. Just add more details to them – like lace or beads – to prettify them even more.