Make a Cute Diaper Baby

Ok, you've seen the diaper cakes, wreaths, teddy bears and other diaper crafts. This project, however, is something really different. People will take a second look when they first see this cute little diaper baby and then ask you how you made it.

This could be made from a dozen cloth diapers or about 50 medium-sized disposable diapers. You would also need some art supplies like rubber bands, curling ribbons, and scissors plus baby accessories like a pair of baby sunglasses, a full set of baby clothes, a baby blanket, and a bib.

To make the head, unwrap the disposable diapers and open them up to form a flat rectangle. Do not unfold the wings that are taped around a baby's body. Roll one diaper up tightly and secure it with a rubber band. Position this roll on another opened diaper and roll it around the roll, progressively getting it bigger and bigger. Secure each roll with a rubber band and then proceed to the next roll, repeating the process. The finished head size should be around 6 ½ inches wide.

To make the body, follow the same procedure but make it around 8 ½ inches wide. Tie a length of curling ribbon around the head and another around the body, and then tie them both together. Make the ribbons quite tight so that there will be no wobbling around the “neck.”

Make four more little “rolls” with one disposable diaper each and secure first with the rubber band and then with the curling ribbon. Using the curling ribbon, attach the arms and legs to the body of the diaper baby. You now have a completed diaper baby.

Now dress the diaper baby in the baby clothes. If you are using an outfit with long sleeves or long pants, the diaper arms or legs may be a little short for that. Extend the arms with another diaper roll and attach them to the other arm with a rubber band. Close the sleeve of the shirt with either little safety pins or a clear elastic band. For the pants, tuck the legs into socks or shoes and pin them together, too. Stuff the socks with another pair or two of baby socks to flesh them out.

Put on the headgear – have a little headband for a girl or a cap for a boy. You could also just put on a generic beanie if you like. Stick a pacifier in between the diapers in the general mouth area and maybe two doll eyes or shank buttons where the eyes should be.

Other ideas for the doll could be making a wig of curling ribbon and attaching it to the head. You could also put the diaper baby in a little woven crib or sleeping basket and swaddle it with the baby blanket.

The diaper baby could also be presented holding a baby bottle, sippy cup, rattle, or teether if you choose. You can make this diaper baby suit any season or month that you want.