How to Make Baby Shower Bows

You'll find bows all over a baby shower, simply because it's the easiest way to make something look more festive. These are simple variations on the basic gift bow, with the main difference being that they are much more delicate to look at because of the use of baby ribbons, or they can be made from a combination of ribbons. Often, they are embellished with a jewel, flower, or a tiny toy in the center.

Of course you can buy bows like these but it would definitely be cheaper, not to mention much more individualized, if you make these bows yourself. There are certain techniques to follow to get a perfect bow every time. Once you are familiar with it, it's extremely easy to do.

First of all, you must learn the simplest way how to make baby shower bows. These are the ones that are usually used to embellish something and decorated with two simple loops. First of all, cut a length of ribbon that would be just right for the size of bow that you want to make. Find the exact center of the ribbon and then make two loops on either side of the center.

Cross one loop over the other to make an “X” shape. Then, form the bow by folding the back loop forward and through the opening created under the “X.” Adjust the ribbon so that the right sides are all showing. Tighten the bow by pulling on the ribbon loops. Pulling the tails shortens the loops in case they need adjusting. Neaten the ends in either a diagonal or swallowtail cut.

If you need to make a slip knot first because you've tied the ribbon around the object, just remember to make a loop from the end of the ribbon that is pointing down and then looping the opposite end over coming from the back and to the front. Pull this looped end through and adjust the loops and tails the same way. Clean off the ends with a neat cut.

Vary this look by combining ribbons in two different sizes or colors when you're tying the bow. Just make sure to use the same type of ribbon to create the bow. Different types, such as satin and chiffon, don't look very well together unless they are perfectly matched in color.

Another type of bow often used in baby showers is the multi-looped bow. This seemingly complicated form of bow is actually quite simple to make. Start with a yard or so of ribbon - satin or very sheer organza ribbon works well for this.

At one end of the ribbon, measure out your preferred length of tail and form a loop of your desired length. Fold it over in a figure-of-eight motion, gradually increasing the length of loops at the bottom until there is enough ribbon left for the tail. Secure the loops with a twenty-eight gauge floral wire.

Fan out the loops and then cut the tail’s ends to neaten them. Use the wire to secure it where it's needed.