Make Your Own Baby Shower Bingo

At a baby shower, there is generally a lot of people, a lot of gifts, and a lot of food. With so many people in one place celebrating the same thing, there is of course going to be a need for some sort of entertainment. What better way to entertain your guests than to play a few rounds of baby shower bingo? Bingo is an original and everyone knows how to play it. Besides, it's fun, easy, and a great way to incorporate your baby shower theme into games.

Of course, you can always go to the store and purchase a bingo game set. But, if you really want to get creative and unique, you should definitely make your own baby shower bingo. When you make your own, you can personalize the bingo board and create it so that each bingo card is baby shower related. You can put cute little pictures on the card as well, just to give it a baby shower look.

To make your own baby shower bingo, you'll need cards, markers, and bingo pieces that you can draw. To make your bingo cards, it's a good idea to use a computer and create a 5x5 grid. Before you start putting words inside of the boxes, you should draft a word list of about 35 words. Inside of each box, you can either print a word in, or just make a list of the words at the top and have the guests fill in their own baby bingo cards. You can pick words that relate to the shower theme, or just common words associated with babies, such as booties, bottles, crying, diapers, toys, etc.

Once your cards are ready you will need markers. You can use normal bingo markers, or find cheap small decorations to use such as small diaper pins, or cut-outs of baby shower items. The markers you choose aren't important. Just make sure they are usable. You can even use food, such as miniature marshmallows or beans. Jelly beans can be fun too!

With your cards and markers ready, you will need to cut out slips of paper that have one of the 35 words on a card. These pieces of paper will go inside of a hat or bag, and you will draw them. To keep with your baby shower theme, put the slips of paper inside of a baby tub. When all of this is done, you're ready to play bingo! Remember to print out a few extra bingo cards in case more guests arrive than expected.