Creating a Pretty Washcloth Corsage

A washcloth corsage can be created for a baby shower as a pretty and practical gift for the mommy-to-be to wear, and possibly for the grandmother, too.

Very simply, the washcloth corsage is just a baby washcloth folded up to look like a rosebud and accessorized with artificial flowers ribbons or lace, and foliage to make a corsage. After attaching a pin to the back, you are finished.

You will need a baby washcloth for each corsage, as well as a roll of floral tape, scissors, dried or artificial flowers and foliage, low-temp hot glue, lace or baby ribbons, and a flat-backed pin.

Fold the washcloth in half diagonally. At the corner that has the tag, start rolling it in loosely so the tag forms the center of the rose. When you are about three inches from the end, fold it under a bit to form a ridge and continue rolling it up to the end. Take the uneven end and fold it up about even with the rolled edge. Open it up and roll it over, almost like you are reverse rolling it over the main flower. To further secure the rose, fold the edges over like you are fluffing it out to form petals.

Now, tape the bottom fourth of the washcloth rosebud with the floral tape. Use the tape as a base for attaching the artificial or dried flowers and foliage to the flower with the low-temp hot glue gun. Once the arrangement is completed to your liking, attach a ruffle of lace as the bottom of your corsage. You could also choose to use a many looped bow of baby ribbons instead of the lace. Attach the flat-backed pin to the whole corsage. Be sure to attach everything to the covered part only as gluing things to the washcloths themselves could render them useless to the new mommy.

These corsages can be adapted for the daddy-to-be or the grandfather, if desired. The colors of the baby washcloths can be changed to blue or a gender neutral color like yellow or green. Don't add any other flowers, just foliage and arrange it to hide the floral tape underneath. Glue the flat-backed pin to that.

Aside from being used as corsages to wear, these pretty little floral arrangements can be used to decorate a baby shower gift or a diaper wreath or cake. They make a wonderful addition to a baby basket full of clothing, toiletries or necessities.

To make this basket arrangement, line the whole basket with artificial leaves. Tuck in a few washcloth corsages evenly among the leaves and then fill in the empty spots with tiny essentials like pacifiers, rattles, beanie babies, extra rubber teats, bath toys, and some toiletries. Any blank spaces should have filler flowers placed in it, like dried everlasting flowers or artificial baby's breath. In one corner, position a beautifully tied bow and you're done.

This practical and beautiful washcloth corsage is a gift that is easily made in itself and can also be used as a basis for bigger gifts and as a finishing touch for other baby shower decorations, too.