How to Make a Washcloth Boo Boo Bunny

Washcloths are really practical bits of toweling that can be used for almost anything around a little baby – wiping off grime, cleaning messy mouths, bringing down a fever, or holding ice to soothe a boo boo. A very nice thing to make that can easily distract a hurt baby is a washcloth boo boo bunny.

Once you know how to make a washcloth boo boo bunny, it really becomes very simple to do. All you need is a nice, large, thick washcloth, strong rubber bands, a length of ribbon, yarn and an embroidery needle.

There is an easy way how to make a washcloth boo boo bunny. Position the washcloth in a diamond shape with the tab facing up. Roll it up from two corners to meet in the middle. You should have a washcloth that looks like two rolls beside each other.

Fold it in half with the center seam on the inside so the corners form two ears and the folded part is the body of the boo boo bunny. Fold it in half again and tuck part of the “ears” - about an inch or so from the ends of the corner - into the crease formed by the two parts of the washcloth coming together in a “U.” Secure the bunny together at the “neck” and where the ears are tucked in with a strong rubber band.

Fluff the ears out to position them prettily and also round out the “bum” part of the washcloth boo boo bunny. Use the yarn and the embroidery ribbon to give the bunny eyes, a nose, and a fluffy tail made by sewing a few short lengths into the back and knotting them closely together. Unravel the yarn and trim it short like a pompom to make a cottontail. Finish off the washcloth boo boo bunny by covering the rubber band with a pretty ribbon tied into a bow. The ribbon and bow themselves can be secured with a drop or two of power glue or hot glue.

The bum is the part of the bunny that will hold the ice cubes or a reusable ice cube or two. Another way to use the boo boo bunny is to soak it in water and store it in a baggie in the freezer. That way the whole bunny can be used to soothe a bruise or bump.

The bunny can be decorated with buttons, pompoms, or googly eyes if an older child will be using it. These can be sewn on or attached with hot glue, if you wish. Just use pure embroidery with babies and toddlers as they can pull off a bead or button and swallow it or stick it up their nose.

Now that you know how to make a washcloth boo boo bunny, these darling little animals can be displayed together in a flat basket while waiting to be given out as favors or prizes for your next baby shower. While they are still favors and not treating boo boos, fill up the bum area with little hard candies, a small sachet pouch of potpourri or tiny glycerin soaps as extra gifts for your friends. Who knows – you may have just discovered another use for this washcloth boo boo bunny!