Baby Sock Bouquet: Baby Socks Are Cute Baby Shower Decors

There are many wonderful baby shower ideas you can do to make your baby shower more special and memorable especially if you are organizing one for a friend who are going to give birth soon or a family who just gave birth to a healthy baby. You can always make unique baby shower baskets that will stand out from the many baby shower gift baskets or you can also make a baby shower diaper wreath that will definitely look as a perfect wall decoration for the party or a table centerpiece and other baby themes and motifs that will make the occasion really fun for all guests especially for the mother and the baby.

With a lot of baby shower accessories to choose from, you can easily make your own baby shower accessories or party decorations and one thing that never fails to amaze guests is a baby sock bouquet. Not sure what a baby sock bouquet is? It is actually a bouquet of flowers with each flower made from baby socks! This is one unique shower decoration; whoever thought of this is very clever and very creative. You can also make baby sock corsages for the mother and guests! Pretty neat, huh?

But how do you exactly make cute baby sock flowers? It is actually pretty easy. You just need baby socks of different colors, well, that depends on the theme of the baby shower party. Of course you need some materials to complete your baby sock bouquet. The usual materials you need would be baby socks (of course), double-sided tapes, artificial leaves with wire attachment, silk baby's breath, floral tape, floral wire, and flower vase. You need to prepare your tools as well such as wire cutters and scissors.

Starting with your first baby sock bouquet, the first step is to roll the baby sock starting with the toe section ending at the opening of the sock then take the bottom of the baby sock and then roll it upwards which will expose two edges. Just pull the sock over the edges. To keep its form in place, use the double sided tape.

The next step is easy. Make the stem of the baby sock bud with the floral wire by cutting it to a desired length. Insert the wire into the bottom edge of the baby sock bud. You can use the floral tape for creating the base of the baby sock flower by simply wrapping it around until you reach the wire. Next is to add the leaves to the stem with some floral wire. It is up to you how many leaves you want per stem. Once it is finished, cover all the points of attachments with a floral tape by turning it around the wire from the base of the flower down to the tip of the step.

Repeat the process for each and every baby sock and once your desired numbers of baby sock flowers are done, put it in a vase and ta-da! Your baby sock bouquet is complete! You can place it on the center of the main party table or where baby shower gifts are placed.