Create Your Own Towel Bear

Teddy bears are beloved by just about everybody and it's actually quite easy to make one for a display just by using different sizes of towels. You can create it in plain white or in any color you like. Patterns are quite pretty, too, giving the towel bear an almost Victorian feel. This towel bear would make the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower and a beautifully presented gift for the mommy-to-be afterward.

To make your own dear little towel bear, you'll need two bath towels, two hand towels, and six washcloths. The towels could either be thin or thick, but thick towels will make a fuller display than thin towels. Thin towels, on the other hand, are much easier to roll and secure.

To start, fold a bath towel in half lengthwise and roll it tightly from one end to the other. Fold the other bath towel in the same way and position the first towel over it. Roll the first towel over the second one, watching the edges carefully. Secure the ends with large safety pins to make the towel bear's body.

Following the method above, fold the two hand towels in half lengthwise and roll one towel and then wrap the other around it like what was done with the towel bear's body. Secure again with safety pins to make the bear's head.

With the rolled parts facing you, stack the hand towels on top of the bath towels. Hold it together with some double-sided tape and safety pins around the “neck” area.

Roll up the washcloths individually. Secure them together with safety pins and fix them to the body and head with double-sided tape to make the legs, arms, and ears of the bear.

Now, add the features of the bear using pompoms, large beads, or even decorative hair clips or ponytail holders to make the eyes and nose of the towel bear. Preferably, use double-sided tape to stick everything together so it will be easy for the mommy-to-be to take it apart later.

Hide the joins with a headscarf or a thin baby bath towel in a contrasting color tied around the neck. You could also tape a big bow on its head or use a rubber band to let it hold something, like flowers or a small baby bottle.
The towel bear could also be cradling a small woven basket filled with tiny bottles of baby toiletries or a baby's grooming kit.

Just by changing the bear's accessories, you could make the towel bear suit the occasion. Red and white ribbons and a basket filled with red kisses make it perfect for that Valentine's Day celebration while red and green or gold and silver with little star-shaped candies make it a wonderful Christmas gift. The towel bear can be carrying a flower basket for spring or even a giant plastic egg filled with sweets for Easter. And even without anything, it makes a perfect anytime gift to display in your bathroom after all the celebration is over.