Baby Shower Centerpiece Craft Ideas

When you have a theme picked out for your baby shower, you are well on your way to making progress. Along with your theme, you have probably picked out matching tableware and decorations that you can put around the room. If you purchase most, if not all of your decorations and baby shower items at a store, you may have realized just how expensive decorations in stores can be. If your budget isn’t a problem, you can easily purchase baby shower centerpieces from the store. But, if you want to save money while being able to create something fun, cute, and unique, you should definitely think about baby shower centerpiece craft ideas.

Below are a few baby shower centerpiece craft ideas that you can consider for your baby shower. Remember, you can always add something to these ideas to make them your own, as well as unique.

1. Family tree

This is definitely one of the most creative baby shower centerpiece crafts that anyone could ever make. You can use a live or fake plant. All you need are pictures of the baby’s grandparents, pictures of the parents, and then pictures of the baby’s siblings, if there are any. You can cut out the pictures and glue them to each leaf that is on the plant, building up a pyramid shape until you get to the top. Here you can put a sonogram picture for the baby, or the baby’s name. Make sure you start with the oldest generation first and work your way up the plant.

2. Baby basket

One of the easiest centerpiece crafts you can make is a baby basket. Buy a basket from a local craft store, preferably one with handles, and then fill it up. You can add color and decoration to the basket buy buying fabric to line it with, as well as adding bows or ribbon. Inside of the baby basket, make sure that you put a lot of items that the mother will need for the baby. These include diapers, towels, lotion, toys, bottles, socks, clothing, formula, and whatever else you can think of. This centerpiece is best to put on the mother-to-be’s table so that she can take it home with her once the baby shower is over.

3. Diaper Wreath

Diaper wreaths are perfect just to put on the mom’s table, to put on each guest table, or to put on the table with the food. To make a diaper wreath, you’ll need about 16 diapers, ribbon, a wreath base, and double sided tape. You’ll also need to purchase small baby items such as brushes, lotions, washcloths, baby shampoo, and others. When choosing a wreath base, you can pick any material or shape, as well as size that you want. The base won’t be seen because it will be covered with diapers. To make the wreath, open a diaper and wrap it around the base, making sure that the front of the diaper is facing outwards. Then take some of your ribbon, tie the diaper, and curl it. Continue doing this until the entire base of the wreath is covered. Then add your items by taping them or using the ribbon to tie them on.