Create Your Own Baby Shower Thank You Cards

After the baby shower, it’s safe to say that the mom-to-be will have more than she ever asked for, especially when it comes to baby items. With clothing, toys, bath accessories, and so many other things, the mother-to-be will want to give out even more thanks, even if she had passed out favors to guests at the end of the baby shower. But, baby showers can be expensive, and there may not be enough money to squeeze in purchasing thank you cards. Fortunately, it is easy to create your own thank you cards to send out to every guest that attended your baby shower.

The best thing about creating your own thank you cards is that they can be personalized, and all of them unique in their own way. While it may be easiest to purchase thank you cards from the store, it’s great to be able to create your own that you can say you took the time to make. If you’ve never created your own thank you cards before, you’re sure to enjoy it. But, before you can start, you will need a few materials.

Some of the materials you may want to buy are blank thank you cards with envelopes, colored paper, glitter, stickers, stamps, and maybe different colored pens. If you can’t find blank thank you cards, you can buy paper at your craft store that is similar to the paper used. You can use the different colored paper to add a background to the card, or to make cut-outs to put on the thank you cards. You can use stickers, glitter, and other materials to make your thank you cards really unique and eye-catching.

Another item you can also look for are scissors that have different patterns. These will give your cards a really unique effect. You can use different patterns for different thank you cards. These scissors would also be perfect for any extra paper you are adding to the cards.

When making your cards, try to stick to the theme of your baby shower. Even though the baby shower is over, thank you cards matching the theme are a nice way to wrap everything up. You can express the theme by using stickers, stamps, or paper cut-outs. If you had a simple theme, such as pastel blue for a baby boy, try to find stamps that have baby items, and use a light colored ink to stamp them on. Or find stickers that are a light blue color. Colored pens also work great.

If possible, try to make every thank you card different. Address each thank you card to a guest, and write a nice note, thanking him/her for the baby shower gift. You can seal the card with a sticker. You will want to also add information such as when the baby shower was, the baby’s name, the parent’s name, and maybe even a picture of the baby if possible. Remember, you can be as creative as you’d like. Add your own personal touch.