A Diaper Bouquet Arrangement

There is no mommy that will ever have enough diapers for her baby. These hard-working pieces of the baby's layette that constantly get stained or torn and always need to be replaced.

A set of fitted cloth diapers make a wonderful diaper bouquet. You'll need about half a dozen fitted cloth diapers, half a dozen thin wooden dowels, a roll of floral tape, and some artificial flowers to fill out the bouquet, clear elastic ponytail holders, and curling or satin ribbons in coordinating colors.

First, unfold the fitted cloth diapers but keep the wings folded in, creating a long rectangle. Put the wooden dowel at one end of the diaper and roll it up with the dowel in the middle. Secure the whole arrangement with clear hair elastic. Cover the elastic with a length of curling ribbon, curling up the ends of the ribbon. Or, use the satin ribbon and tie each one up into a neat bow.

This is usually enough to hold the diaper rose together but if you want some extra security, use the floral tape to cover up the elastic and make enough turns to cover up the bottom of the diaper and continue on to cover the dowel as well. Make sure that the dowel is well-covered and that the tape edges overlap neatly. Tie the ribbon onto the bottom part of the flower, where it meets the dowel.

Arrange the diaper bouquet in a vase or as a hand-held arrangement with the artificial flowers to beef it up. A nice touch would be to take the colors of the ribbons from the artificial flowers to coordinate the whole bouquet. Fitted cloth diapers are usually all white so some bursts of colors add life to it, unlike an all-white, almost bridal, bouquet. Preferably, an opaque container is best to hold the diaper bouquet.

If you are creating a hand-held bouquet, create a cone shaped cover for the bottom to hide the stems. You could also secure this with a wide ribbon bow. This is an especially nice bouquet to present to the mommy-to-beat the baby shower or in the hospital when the baby is born.

The diaper bouquet can also be presented with a large plush toy holding them. Be sure to check with the mommy-to-be for any family asthma problems before springing for any toys.

This bouquet can also be done with disposable diapers but without using any floral tape which could tear the disposables. Just use the clear elastic to hold them together and the ribbons to cover the elastic. This is best presented in a container since they aren't put together as sturdily as the fitted cloth diaper bouquet.

This diaper bouquet could also be used as parts of a bigger arrangement, such as a topper for a diaper cake or as bigger flowers in a baby clothes bouquet arrangement. You could also add a few soft toys into the mix like a finger puppet or a little beanie. Make them into floral picks using the dowels and more floral tape.

As a different finish for the diaper bouquet container, attach a long crib toy to the outside as a sort of decoration. You could use double-sided tape to secure it or thread a ribbon through the loops and tie it on to the outside.