Make Your Own Diaper Wreath: Adding Personalized Touch To Baby Showers

There is nothing more special and heartwarming than adding a personalized touch to any baby shower party than relying on what you can buy from local stores because most people have already seen it all and there's nothing really special when seeing the most famous baby shower decorations you always see. When you are hosting a baby shower for a friend or a family member, what could be better than personalized diaper wreath that you can use as your main decoration on the wall or a table centerpiece for a baby shower? So learn how to make your own diaper wreath in this article and let those creativity shine. Remember that this is just a guide to fire up that inner creativity in you. You can always come up with something far more impressive.

Diaper wreaths can also be given to a new mother as a gift and she can hang it anywhere in her house to show visitors how happy she is with her beautiful new born. Now let's go down to business, let's make your own diaper wreath. First, you need to gather all the supplies that you need such as cute animal characters or other small baby items that can be used for the baby afterwards such as baby pacifiers or baby rattle toys or teether toys. You also need the at least 20 small sized disposable. The number will depend on the size of your frame. It is easy to find wreath frames from any craft shop. Choose the color of the narrow ribbon. You can use hues of pink for baby girls and hues of blue for baby boys. Then find a large tied ribbon that will compliment your theme. Prepare the scissor and adhesive tapes and a real attractive item or toy that will be used to accentuate the center of the diaper wreath.

The next steps are really easy to follow. Just open the diapers and place it around the wreath frame and the open side of the diaper should be positioned outward. The next step is to tie the diapers with the narrow ribbons to fasten them up to the frame. Once all the diapers are set around the frame, time to decorate the diapers with the baby items you have prepared. You can tape attractive and colorful baby toys and make sure you distribute each baby item evenly around the diaper wreath. This where you can pour all our creative juices onto your masterpiece - what goes well beside each item, color of baby item and the position of each.

You can use many combinations of colorful narrow ribbons to give it more pizzazz! Colors should beautifully explode when the diaper wreath is hang on the wall or if used a table centerpiece. Colorful disposable diapers will also add to the beauty when you make your own diaper wreath. That is all to it, folks! You can now make your own diaper wreath! This is great way of personalizing your baby shower parties or baby shower gift. Baby shower gift baskets are a little common so a personalized baby shower diaper wreath will surely add life to any baby shower.