Delicious Washcloth Lollipops and Other Towel Candies

Little practical bits of towels called washcloths can be turned into washcloth lollipops and a few more varieties of fool-the-eye candy that will surely be a great favorite at your next baby shower. These little pretties are deliciously easy to make, to boot!

You'll need a variety of colored washcloths for this craft, as well as double-sided tape, clear or patterned cellophane, popsicle sticks, curling ribbons, and scissors.

To make the washcloth lollipop, fold a washcloth in half lengthwise, and then in half again, and in half a third time. You should have a rather long and skinny strip of toweling. Roll it up like a jelly roll and secure with a tiny safety pin. Tape a third of the popsicle stick with double-sided tape. Press it into the side of the rolled towel and cover it with a large square of clear cellophane. Secure everything with a clear elastic hair band, if you like, or simply with a length of curling ribbon to keep everything together.

Washcloth candies are made in the same way as the washcloth lollipops except that the whole candy is wrapped in a square of cellophane and ribbons are tied at both ends, with the tails of cellophane flaring out from the washcloth candy.

You could vary the look of the candies by using two thin washcloths instead of one thick one. Fold the washcloths individually first and then layer them one on top of the other. Roll them up tightly and they will make a spiral design that looks like an old-fashioned candy.

You could also make an ice lolly with three washcloths. Fold them in the same way as the washcloth lollipop and candy but instead of rolling them, simply layer and then fold them over once. Wrap the washcloths in cellophane and then simply push a popsicle stick into the center of the towels. Tie everything together with ribbons.

You can make a roll of candy as well, like a tootsie roll or a roll of lifesavers. The roll just involves folding the washcloth into thirds and then rolling it up very tightly. Pack into cellophane but don't flare the ends of the cellophane. Simply make it into a clean wrap and tie a bow in the center of the towel instead. The tootsie roll just needs a plain brown washcloth but the lifesaver would look best if a multicolored, striped towel was used.

Display these delicious washcloth lollipops and candies accordingly. Use a pretty cake stand and pile them on just like candies. Elevate the cake stand and make it the centerpiece of a buffet table if you really want to fool the guests, or to the side of the gifts table for an eye-catching display.

If you would like giant pieces of candy, follow the same procedure but use hand towels or even bath towels instead. These giant towel candies would be suitable for display in a bathroom for extra towels (the cellophane keeps them from getting dusty in an open display) or even in a nursery that has a lollipop or candy theme. Just be sure to keep the cellophane away from the baby!