Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Baby shower diaper cakes are a great way to provide a centerpiece to attract attention at your next baby shower. A diaper cake is also is a wonderful way to display a variety of gifts and provides the mother-to-be with a variety of necessities to care for her new child.

Diaper cakes are relatively easy to make. However, they may be difficult to transport. If it is possible, consider constructing your diaper cake at the shower location to help make assembly easier.

Begin to deciding what you would like on the diaper cake. It should be understood that you will need diapers. In addition, gather a variety of baby needs such as pacifiers, stuffed animals, bottles, blankets, etc. Remember, many new moms may have set a registry up at Walmart, Target, Babies R' Us, Kohls, etc. so be sure to check those out when buying materials for the diaper cake.

Before beginning the assembly, decide how and where you want the cake to be displayed. You want to place it on a tablecloth or an a decorated pan.

Roll your diapers starting at the open end and secure using a rubber band. For a general three tier diaper cake, you will want thirty diapers for the base level, fifteen diapers for the second layer and seven diapers for the top layer. You can bunch your diapers by using a large rubber band or by securing with a decorative ribbon.

Tuck small gifts between the diapers such as gift cards or small frames. You may need to remove a diaper or two to do this. To help add stability when removing diapers, add items like baby clothing, blankets, or lotion that can be rolled or placed in the same size as the diaper.

Place dowels in between diapers (be careful that it does not rip the diaper) to help connect the layers of the cake.

Around the cake place pacifiers, small toys, bottles, etc. On the top of the cake place s stuffed animal.

If your cake must be transported, wrap it in cellophane or colored tulle. Remember, these cakes can be very beautiful if time is taken to make colors coordinate. Good luck with your diaper cake.