How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

Before you can move forward with your baby shower planning, you’ll need to send out baby shower invitations to everyone that you’d like to attend! While you can easily go to the store and purchase invitations for your baby shower, you could also make them on your own. Making your own baby shower invitations is more time consuming than just going to the party store, but, it is much more fun. Not only is making baby shower invitations fun, you can save a lot of money while being able to add your own personal touch to the invitations.

Of course, for some people, baby shower invitations consist of an email or a phone call, and sometimes even electronic invitations. But, if you make your own, you will be able to use your creativity to create something that is personal and unique. No one will ever have a baby shower invitation like yours! Making your own baby shower invitations will require a trip to the craft store so that you can get all of the materials you need. At the store, you can buy all sorts of materials like paper, cut-outs, scissors with designed edges, stickers, stamps, glitter, calligraphy pens, and so many more things.

If you decide that you’d like to create your baby shower invitations on your computer and just print them out, you’ll want to buy thicker paper so that your invitations aren’t flimsy. You can find clip-art online that you can use to spruce up your baby shower invitations. Online you can also find baby shower invitations that others have made to get an idea of what you want your own to look like.

Once you have all of your materials, you have to then decide what you want to invitation to say. Of course you will need things such as contact information as well as the location of the baby shower. Most importantly, you’ll have to decide what you want to put on the front of the invitations. If you have a theme picked out, you can find a way to tie it into your invitations. If you don’t have a theme, you can design the baby shower invitations according to your baby’s gender. For example, using light blue paper, your guests will know that you’re expecting a boy.

If you want to get really creative with your invitations, you can add a picture from your sonogram, or maybe even find a cute baby poem to put on the right side of the invitation. Try to come up with your own short poem that rhymes. Including the baby’s name is also a good idea too, if it is picked out already.

Making your own baby shower invitations will be somewhat time-consuming, but, in the end, you’ll feel great about being able to send off something that you made by hand. Though you will need to buy materials to make the invitations, you don’t have to worry about buying several packs of store-bought invitations. The invitations will have a personal and unique look to them, and your guests will absolutely love them.