Make Your Own Decorative Baby Shower Bags

Everyone knows that baby showers were created in order to support the mommy-to-be and share in her joy at having a baby. But if you're the mommy-to-be being honored, wouldn't it be great to offer your guests a party favor that they can enjoy long after your baby is born?

When you're set to design your gift bags, the first thing you should do is decide on what you want your gift bags made out of. Why not make bags out of sateen, organza, or tulle? It gives that luxe feel even if the price isn't that expensive. Handmade paper is another choice, as is parchment. Or you can go the easy way out and personalize ready-made gift bags.

Embellishing those ready-made bags are as easy as choosing a design in the color scheme of the baby shower, punching out two sets of holes at the top, and threading a key chain, bracelet, or ribbon through which reflects the theme of the baby shower.

When making your own gift bag from paper, it helps to have a “form” like a box or book in the size you want and double-sided tape. Like you're wrapping the book, cover it with the paper and secure it on the side with the tape. Leave enough paper at the top and bottom so you can tape the ends closed. On one side, secure it the same way as you'd wrap a gift. Remove the form and pinch in the shorter sides to form the crease.

To quickly sew up a fabric gift bag, cut out a piece of fabric that would be big enough to fit your gifts. For example, a 10” x 10” bag would need a piece about 20” x 10” at the start. Sew a hem at the top, put the right side together and sew the bottom and the side closed. Simply tie the bag closed with a pretty bit of ribbon.

Embellish the bag however you like. Ribbons are always good choices, but you can also use fabric flowers and leaves, old-fashioned flocked fruits, beads, and rhinestones to give your gift bags a truly personal look.

If your guests are all female, then planning the gifts inside will be really easy. You can give toiletry sets in yummy fragrances, small vials of perfume, or jewelry. But if it is to be a couples' baby shower, you'll need favors which everybody will enjoy. Fruit-scented lip balm is a good choice, as well as a journal or planner, candles, or a set of pen and notepad.

You can tuck in a personalized little something to indicate that this gift bag was really created for the occasion. Even something small like a personalized tin of mints would be a great addition.

Of course, put a little bit of yourself in the gift. If you like gardening, why not choose a thank-you card which has seeds embedded in it? A spa gift card will surely be appreciated by all recipients. Be creative so people can see that you put yourself into this gift bag.