Life's Not Blue with a Blue Baby Shower

In today's world, blue isn't gender specific anymore. So while boys can definitely be celebrated with a blue baby shower, girls can enjoy the color, too, if the mommy-to-be so desires.

Set off the blue mood with a blue-tinted invitation. Your preference here, there are millions of different types to choose from! Clean lined or frilly, it's up to you for your blue baby shower. Ask the guests to come in blue, too, and have their gifts wrapped in blue.

When decorating the room, deliberately choosing different hues of blue makes life a lot easier. If you do want to match all the colors exactly, it would help if you invest in a ready-made party set instead. With the thousands of blue hues available, it would be very easy to make a mistake if you don't rely on a sample or a swatch.

Of course, everything should be in blue – the balloons, streamers, tablecloths, tableware, flowers and any other decorations you may choose. Make bunches of blue balloons in different sizes and hang them in draping clusters all over the room. Follow the same pattern with the crepe streamers and also use different widths. Suspend clouds of blue Chinese paper lanterns on the ceiling. A great touch is to have a sea of blue balloons just filling the corners of the floor to soften the room a bit. And nothing beats the blues as a soundtrack here!

Vary the look at each of the tables at the blue baby shower by having either high or low centerpieces at each one. For the low centerpieces, fill a clear glass tray with mounds of blue hydrangea and tall blue pillar candles. Thread ice blue ribbons through the flowers. Have tall cylindrical pillars vases on the other tables filled with blue glass pebbles, blue tinted water, a hydrangea bunch submerged under the water, and candles floating above. Scatter hydrangea blossoms on these tables.

The buffet table should be a sea of blue as well. After covering the tale in a blue cloth, set the highlight right in the center – a tower of blue cupcakes on a cupcake tree encrusted with blue dangling crystals. Surround the base of the tree with hydrangea blossoms and elevate the whole arrangement. Serve the food on white platters and scatter blue glass pebbles and hydrangea blossoms around them.

Don't serve too much blue food. It's not really too appetizing to look at! Have some blue corn and potato chips with ranch dip dyed blue with food coloring. Lollo Rossa lettuce stopped with crumbled blue cheese and chopped walnuts and orange segments with Chicken Cordon Bleu is just right. As a beverage, a fizzy blueberry punch with floating frozen blueberries adds a perfect touch to this blue baby shower.

For the favors, a pretty blue organza cinch bag filled with blue bath soap and a little blue bottle of massage oil and a scented blue candle is a great way to extend the relaxing mood of the blue baby shower.