Have an Elegant Black Baby Shower

Sometimes a frilly, girly shower is just not right. What if the mommy-to-be is a sophisticated lady and refuses to wear those lacy preggy muumuus? Show her you understand how she really feels with an elegant black baby shower.

Create a different type of invitation for this party. It can be as simple as gluing black lace onto a gold-toned card and printing the black baby shower details on the back. Or, a glossy black and white photo or silhouette of a chic pregnant woman would be just right. Ask all the guests to dress up and come in little black dresses.

Decorate the black baby shower party room in real chic style. Have bunches of ebony black and pearly black balloons decorating the corners of the room. For a burst of color (and to channel Coco Chanel into the room) use metallic gold ribbons instead of ties. Float a mix of black and gold balloons from the ceiling with their gold ribbons hanging down and accent them here and there with shiny amber-toned crystals and gold Christmas decorations. Change your light bulbs to an amber tone.

Cover the tables with black fabric and use gold-toned tableware. Fasten the black napkins with beaded gold and black napkin rings or use gold bangles instead. Set a gold platter at the center of each table and fill a cylindrical vase with amber-toned water and anchor black roses to the bottom using amber marbles. Ring the outside of the vase gold-toned roses and tea lights in amber glass containers.

Set the same sophisticated mood for the black baby shower at the buffet table by changing the scheme and using a gold cloth to cover. Crumple another gold cloth over that and neaten the edges. Hide the plate risers under this cloth. Have black platters to serve the food and accent them with more tea lights and amber marbles. As a centerpiece, spray a bare-branched tree glossy black and hang jet and amber decorations from them. Set a spotlight at the back aiming up to highlight the tree. Cover the base of the tree with more amber marbles to hide the dirt or foam holding up the tree.

Black food takes many forms and can challenge the most adventurous eaters. So, if you're averse to trying out new kinds of food (and most of the guests are, too), stick with a menu that has black touches like caviar and black olives instead. For a truly adventurous eater, you could start with a black paella and pair that with a black bean salad. Black sesame cheddar crackers make a perfect partner. Have blackberry shortcake with a blackberry liqueur infused whipped cream for dessert.

Black cakes are sophisticated and sexy. Tiny black-robed darck chocolate petit fours with touches of edible gold or copper leaf make really sexy treats.

For favors, nestle three dark chocolate truffle in a a gold box. Tie it all together with gold and black ribbons and accent with a sparkly amber bead.

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