Celebrate Babyhood with an All Colors of the Rainbow Baby Shower

Why not celebrate the treasure at the end of the pregnancy with a rainbow baby shower? It's a great theme to choose, especially if the parents are not of the traditional type. And it's easy to personalize, too. You could use a pot of gold, clouds, or raindrops, aside from rainbow colors to make the baby shower your own.

Invitations are really simple for this baby shower. Use a rainbow-printed paper to print your baby shower details on. Or, choose a card or postcard with a rainbow on the cover. There are so many rainbow-themed papers there that you're spoilt for choice.

Next comes the decorations. You'll have an easy time of it when you just choose plain colored décor in rainbow colors. Why not make a statement at the entrance with an arch with rainbow-colored balloons? Add more rainbows inside with balloon columns in rainbow colors. Tent the room with streamers in rainbow colors and hang an umbrella in the middle also in rainbow colors. Decorate the umbrella with clear crystals suspended from the ribs to simulate raindrops. Attach a rainbow of flowers in a little bouquet to its handle.

Throw a white tablecloth over the tables to offset all those colors! Use white plates and napkins but add a rainbow ribbon to cinch the napkins. Tuck a different colored flower under the ribbon. Make a fantasy centerpiece in the middle using rainbow-colored lollipops in different sizes tucked into a metal bucket topped with wisps of cotton batting to simulate clouds or cotton candy. Scatter a rainbow of colored glass stones all around the centerpiece. Set the atmosphere with a few rainbow-worded songs interspersed with the regular songs to keep the mood intact.

On the buffet table, use a white tablecloth to echo the tables. You can use different colored platters to serve the food. As the centerpiece, use faux giant lollipops to make the arrangement. Line the container with cotton batting, too.

For the food, serve them in all colors of the rainbow. Red tomato salad or pasta, green salad, blueberry muffins, purple potato chips with cheese dip, corn chips with orange papaya salsa, and sparkling lemonade give you all colors of the rainbow in a delicious menu. Play with the food choices, of course! There are many other kinds of food that you can use for this pretty theme.

Next, you need to prepare or purchase the cake. You can further the theme by using the lollipops again on the cake accented with real cotton candy. Or, why not try something different and make a croquembouche with cream puffs glazed with rainbow colors of chocolate? Different, and delicious.

Try to incorporate the rainbow theme into your games, too. Why not ask the guests to list down all the names that are related to colors? The guest that can list the most in two minutes would be the winner. Or, hit a wall of rainbow colored balloons. Have some prizes corresponding to paper numbers that are found in some of the balloons.

Of course, your favors should be rainbow-inspired too! Why not give a rainbow lolly wrapped in white tulle and a bottle of bubble solution to let the guests make their own rainbows?