Celebrate Purity and Innocence with a White Baby Shower

White represents purity and innocence, one of the reasons why it's the top choice for weddings and wedding dresses. A white baby shower would also be perfect for these very same reasons.

When the mommy-to-be wants to celebrate her little angel, let all the guests know with a pure white baby shower invitation. While there are many commercially available white-themed invitations, it would be nice if you could make your own using that almost see-through white paper called vellum. The baby shower details could be printed out on the vellum itself and a design could be rubbed into the paper using an empty ballpoint pen. Choose a clean-lined design for this, maybe a modern line drawing of a pregnant woman, for example. You could also ask everyone to come in white and also wrap up their gifts in something white and airy.

It's very easy to decorate rooms in white, you just have to decide if you want something romantic or modern. Let's take the romantic white baby shower theme here. To make life easy for you, don't try to match whites! Ir just won't work. Instead, use a variety of textures, from sheer to nubby so the differing tones don't matter. Nix the white balloons; instead use white flower balls suspended from the ceiling. Made with styrofoam shapes and a variety of white flowers stuck into it with a white satin ribbon to hold it up, these floating flower arrangements are breathtakingly beautiful. Intersperse them with white stars cut out from thick card and showered with pearlescent white glitter. Set potted topiary plants around the room and decorate them with artificial white flowers and white fairy lights. Change some of the light bulbs to blue to make the room look even whiter.

Swath each table in white. Use a smooth white fabric and top it with a large, overlapping square of white lace. At the center of the table, set a grouping of small white glass vases. Decorate each one differently, using a mix of white mints, white Jordan almonds, organic white roses, lilies, and carnations. Obviously, you would choose to use all-white plates and silverware for this white baby shower. A cute touch would be to fold the napkin like a diaper and secure it with a diaper pin tied with a white bow.

The food table gets as much ethereal treatment as the rest of the room. Covered with linen and lace, it is also treated to white tea lights, white flower heads, and the occasional white baby toy. Instead of using pure white platters here, go for clear crystal to make it almost disappear among all that white. An ice buffet would be a terrific highlight here: use square clear glass serving dishes in different sizes packed with crushed ice to hold cold bowls of seafood or vegetable salad.

For the food, be sure to make EVERYTHING pure white or you're meal is going to look like a big mistake. A good starter for the salad would be matchsticks of jicama and endive dressed in a light sesame vinaigrette or a fish and scallop salad in a ginger dressing. Follow that with a creamy pasta with either a chicken or seafood sauce and white asparagus. End the meal with tiny balls of white chocolate ice cream served over vanilla cake cubes.

You could either have an all-white cake for this white baby shower or try something different, like a pavlova. This ethereal white Australian classic is perfect here: A pure-white cloud of meringue slathered with another cloud of whipped cream and topped with white peaches.

Package your favors in a sheer white organdy cinch bag: white rose cologne, a vanilla-scented candle, and vanilla hand cream will give your guests a gift of another memory of this white baby shower.