A Thrilly, Frilly Pink Baby Shower

Nothing says soft and nurturing like a pink baby shower. This ultra-feminine baby shower is a wonderful way to pamper a mommy-to-be with a veil of pink.

Send out a soft pink invitation to set the mood. Choosing a really girly invitation is a wonderful way to tell everybody to be prepared for a few hours of feminine fun. If the mommy-to-be is really not that frilly, choose a clean-lined, modern invitation with a mix of brown or black.

Cocoon the room in pink to create a girly wonderland. Swath the walls in a soft sheer fabric and change the light bulbs to a soft pink. Have bunches of balloons in various hues of pink and in different sizes in bunches that are secured to the floor. Surround the base of the balloons with potted ferns. Instead of paper streamers, suspend lengths of wide pink ribbon across the room.

Keep the tables in the pink with a soft pink tablecloth and darker pink tableware. Set a shiny silver vase in the middle of the table and fill with an all-pink arrangement of roses, carnations, and pink hydrangeas. Set little vigil candles in pink glass around the arrangement. Use different shades of pink napkins and tie them all in together with a pink ribbon napkin tie and a single pink bloom tucked underneath. Floral patterned plates would be very pretty but plain white plates would work as well.

Give a pink glow to the buffet table by covering it in a deep pink fabric. Set a large silvery vase to one side and fill with pink flowers and fluffy pink feathers for accents. Scatter pink crystals or rhinestones and pink rose petals around the pure white platters and accent them with pink tea lights to really emphasize the pink baby shower theme.

You can definitely go all out with the pink food! There are so many delicious pink dishes like a creamy beet soup for starters, Lollo Rossa frilly pink lettuce with pink grapefruit segments and seedless watermelon chunks, and smoked salmon sandwiches for a light ladies' meal. Dessert could be a mixed berry – cherry ice cream parfait served with crunchy pink ladyfingers.

A cake is a must-have here! What's a pink baby shower without cake? A scrumptious cake could be a light pink lemonade chiffon or a deliciously chocolatey red devil's food cake. If the mommy-to-be requests, there is nothing anyone would find wrong with little petit fours covered with pink fondant and silver dragee accents.

Games would surely be called for since this is an all-girls pink baby shower. Create a game based on trivia questions on famous mommies, past and present. Hand each one that gives a correct answer a small prize, like a feathery pink pen.

For favors, think more pink! A sweet set would be a strawberry lip balm paired with a strawberries and cream hand cream and packed into a hot pink cinch bag and finished with pink ribbons and a dried rosebud to scream feminine all over.