Have a Little Piece of Sunshine with a Yellow Baby Shower!

There's no happier color than yellow so it's a perfect choice for a sunshiney mommy-to-be! Theme your next baby shower in all things happy, lemony yellow with this yellow baby shower.

There are many invitations out there that use yellow as a theme. You could purchase one of those, or create one of your own by using yellow fruits, the sun, or flowers as your chosen symbol. And while you're putting in the details at the back, wouldn't it be fun to ask your guests to come dressed in yellow and bring yellow-wrapped presents?

Swath the room in yellow! Use dozens of Chinese paper lanterns on the ceiling and accent them with flower balls made with yellow roses or asters. Have yellow ribbons dangling down from the lantern bunches and highlight them with strings of fairy lights. Change your light bulbs to yellow to give a sunny glow to the room.

Go old-fashioned for this yellow baby shower and use a yellow and white damask tablecloth. With white plates and silverware, it gives that perfect lift to the day. Tie up the napkins with a butter yellow ribbon and set a perfect yellow apple at the center of each plate. Create a different wedding centerpiece by using metallic silver square vases in the middle of the table. Fill each vase with a different kind of yellow flower – roses, tulips, daffodils, daisies, sunflowers, gerberas, or any other yellow-colored flower you can find. Accent these with white tea lights set in clear glass holders.

For the buffet table, hang more flower balls above. Highlight the back of the buffet table with lengths of yellow bamboo tied together with raffia. In front of this, have a group of tall yellow pillar candles accented with yellow flowers at the base. Set white vigil candles among the white platters you'll use to serve the food.

There are a lot of different yellow foods, so you have a lot of choices of what to serve! For a simple meal, why not start with a savory pepperonata made with yellow and orange peppers and served on garlic bruschetta and then followed with a saffron-yellow seafood paella? To finish, a citrusy lemon sorbet served in the lemon skins themselves make a memorable touch partnered with lemony madeleines. As a beverage, a cooling glass of passion fruit juice over crushed ice and garnished with a lemon wedge and lemon basil is perfect.

Of course a cake is in order here. Find out the mommy-to-be's preference and decorate that with white frosting, yellow sugar flowers, and maybe candied lemon slices. Elevate this pretty cake on a pedestal and serve with white tea for a wonderful end to a pretty meal.

Since the yellow baby shower is already unusual in itself, why not give something different as a favor? A prettily potted lemon tree (with a painted and decorated yellow pot) is a terrific gift. Attach to it a prettily printed label with a checked yellow and white ribbon: “A Little Lemon Tree. So when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade.”