Put a Spring in Your Step with a Green Baby Shower

There's no color more refreshing than green, so why not throw a green baby shower for a mommy-to-be that's feeling all the hot flushes that come with the last trimester of pregnancy?

There are hundreds of commercially available baby shower invitations in the green color scheme. You could use one of those or you could make one of your own by cutting out card stock in a hue of green that you love and embellishing it with a length of deep cream lace? Put all the baby shower details inside and ask the guests to come in something cool and green.

All hues of green work well together – look to nature for your inspiration here! Eschew balloons and streamers for plants of all kinds. They'll also do their bit in bringing down the temperature a degree or two and the mommy-to-be will definitely thank you for that! Have topiaries scattered around the room and decorate them with clear, sparkly beads and white fairy lights. Instead of balloons blanketing the ceiling, hang green Chinese paper lanterns in various hues and sizes. At equal intervals, have large balls of ferns accenting the party area.

Set each table with a soft cream tablecloth. Place a wide cylindrical clear glass vase at the center and partly fill it with green peas or lentils, top it with green galax or large lemon leaves arranged in a ring, and highlight everything with one perfect, giant green chrysanthemum. Surround this with white votive candles in glass-green candleholders. Use creamy white plates and soft green napkins for each table setting. Cinch each napkin with a cream colored ribbon.

Cover the buffet table with another piece of cream fabric. As a simple (and sinfully delicious) highlight, feature about a dozen glass containers (vases, champagne flutes, oversized martini glasses, footed bowls, etc.) with different types of candy in various hues of green. You can order this type of candy over the internet. Serve food in creamy ironware platters and accent everything with more votive candles in glass candle holders.

The easiest way to tie in the food to the green baby shower is to garnish all the plates with salad greens or fresh herbs. To start, a mixed green salad with sliced green apples and avocado tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette is easy and tasty. Next, a chicken grilled in lime marinade adds a piquant note to the meal. Stuff it into a pita and top with an herbed yogurt sauce. For dessert, little lime cheesecakes finished off with a fluffy, limey, creamy swirl is the perfect end to this light meal. Serve this with a refreshing lime punch garnished with lime quarters in frozen limeade cubes.

You don't need to have a cake here, but if the mommy-to-be requests one, keep it light as well. An airy sponge or chiffon cake covered with a white chocolate frosting and decorated with sweet mint leaves and edible flowers makes a beautiful and extremely unusual cake.

A terrific way to let the green baby shower extend for a longer time is to give favors of potted herbs. Just a whiff of fragrant rosemary, cool spearmint, or citrusy lemon balm is enough to trigger memories of this special day.