Baby Shower Balloon Weights

Balloons make their appearance at every festive event and the baby shower is no exception. The only problem there is, unless you're holding the shower indoors, the balloons will always try to make a break for it whenever they're given a chance! The best way of keeping them under control would be to use balloon weights.

These are available at any party supply store in themes and colors that stun the imagination. But even then, what you find may not be what you'd like to display at your baby shower. What can you do as an alternative then?

In fact, it's not necessary to buy the balloon weights, you can make them from everyday objects and personalize them as well. A simple option to use is a simple bag of candies that match the colors of the baby shower. These make pretty individualized table decorations. You can even go double-purpose and have the name of the guest on either the balloon or the candy bag to make it work as a name card.

If the balloons are preferred in the middle of the table instead, then the alternative could be to anchor them inside an arrangement of flowers, tied to a weight inside a goldfish bowl, or simply held within a clear vase filled with marbles. The solutions here are numerous, as long as you use your imagination.

If you're using the balloons as room decorations, you have even more options to choose from. One decorator's favorite method is to tie a bunch of balloons to a large metal peg and then stick it in the center of a large pot filled with house plants. The balloons are a great foil to the restful greens of the plants.

Why not use the balloons themselves as the weights? Fill a balloon in the same complementary color with sand and use that to hold the balloons in place. Simply tie the strings to the mouth of the balloon and position where you want them. You can pretty it up a little more with a ribbon bow to hide the ends of the strings. Or use ribbons instead of the strings and tie into a pretty and secure bow.

Why not use a toy? This is a great idea if the baby shower has a toy theme so you simply have to tie them to a toy that shares the theme. Or, why not use baby toys that will be given to the mommy-to-be after the baby shower instead?

One festive option is to use a gift box as a weight. Fill a prettily-shaped box with weights, sand, or rocks and wrap it with coordinating paper. Then, tie ribbons all around the box as usual. Tie the balloon strings to the crossed ribbons and finish off the gift box with a huge bow.

Fill colored plaster cups with plaster of Paris and stick a large diaper pin in the middle of the plaster. Let it set completely. You can tie the balloons onto the pin and decorate the cups with a tiny baby toy.