Liven Up Your Baby Shower with Trompe l'Oeil Backdrops

When you want to create a very special effect at your baby shower, why not make a backdrop to set the mood? It's a simple thing that will totally change the atmosphere of the party area and make it seem of a different world altogether.

A backdrop is just a large piece of cloth that has a large photograph or painting on it which is one way of bringing a big touch of the chosen theme to the room. It could be like a trompe l'oeil scene or a collection of images in a fantasy scene.

This terrific touch can be positioned anywhere. If it's at the entrance, it can be used as a background for photos to be taken, for plants or a little vignette to set in front of it, or to completely envelope a room with a change in the feel.

One common way that a backdrop is used is behind the buffet table. It's one of the easiest ways to create a highlight at the table without doing too much in the way of floral centerpieces or what-have-you. Make it a 3D effect with decorations hanging from the ceiling and bring the effect into the room.

The basic party backdrop can be created from a painter's drop cloth. Standard ones are fifteen by five feet, so you can measure out the size that you need. Acrylic paints are the best choice to use.

If you're painting the scene of a garden, for example, spread out the drop cloth on the floor so your paint won't run. It's easier when you use an airbrush to paint, but there's nothing wrong with brushes, either. Use painter's tape to secure the cloth to the floor to prevent wrinkling and any movement.

The simplest way to transfer your design onto the cloth would be to use an overhead projector to project the outline of your chosen design clearly. You can even adjust the size to make it perfect for the backdrop.

Go layer by layer, with the background first. This can be applied in big blocks with a roller. When the background has dried, fill in the foreground details with a pencil and simply fill in the spots with your chosen colors.

Be sure that the room is properly ventilated, even if you are using low VOC or water-based paints. When the backdrop is completely dry, roll up the drop cloth with a carpet-sized cardboard tube to store it.

If you feel you're not artsy enough to paint a backdrop on your own, you can certainly rent one from party stores. You certainly don't need to buy one! You may find really great choices from companies who provide backdrops to photographers or theater companies.

Get help when you hang up the backdrop as well. These are extremely heavy and will take about three people to lift it up easily.

Last, have fun with it! Add decorations to make it seem more real. It can definitely be used as the background for interesting photographs with your guests. After they are printed, these make a great keepsake and party favor.