Sweet But Inexpensive Handmade Baby Shower Centerpieces

Anyone that's thrown a party knows that decorations and centerpieces do a lot toward cementing the theme, but there are still many people that draw the line at purchasing centerpieces for a baby shower, and no wonder. They're horribly expensive! However, handmade baby shower centerpieces can be used to express the theme, aside from making the baby shower more personal and costing much less, as well.

Handmade baby shower centerpieces can be very simple to make as well. For example, a very sweet centerpiece can be made with mini-sized silk roses and glittery Styrofoam hearts. Stick as many pastel colored hearts into a half-ball of dry floral foam to cover it completely. Accent the flowers using coordinating colors of Styrofoam hearts on longer pieces of floral wire. Add a few baby satin bows to finish it off and stand the whole arrangement on a mirror.

Another kind of handmade baby shower centerpieces that are very easy to make involve floating decorations. A common theme at baby showers is ducks. These little ducks can just be added to a large vase filled with water tinted blue or aqua with food coloring. Add a few floating flower heads in complementary colors for the chosen color scheme, glass pebbles at the bottom, and you have an adorable (and simple to make) handmade baby shower centerpieces.

If you don't like to have anything with liquid around the baby shower, a pretty alternative would be to use blue, aqua, or light green jellybeans instead of colored water. To carry the little duckling theme to the baby shower cake, add baby duck candies to the cake. Use blue jell-o to simulate water and flood it onto the cake. Use colored green sugar and candy grass to simulate the shore.

More practical types of handmade baby shower centerpieces can be created. Baby socks and baby handtowels can be used to create “roses” rolled around floral wire and finished off with green floral tape. If you make these into an arrangement, flesh out the flowers with green silk leaves and smaller silk blossoms to make them look more realistic.

The baby sock roses would look beautiful flanking a tiered “cake” made from hatboxes covered in giftwrapping paper or fabric in the chosen color scheme. Circle the top of the hatboxes with miniature toys for cake decorations. The hatboxes can be used in the baby's room afterward to store little things or keepsakes.

Edible centerpiece can easily be made with the classic rice krispies and melted marshmallows tinted with food coloring. An easy edible type of handmade baby shower centerpieces would be a collection of baby rattles. Rice krispies are dyed in the color scheme of the baby shower and formed into softball-sized balls. Decorate the rice krispie balls with little candies like MMs and runts. Stick wooden dowels into the balls to form the baby rattle handles. Cover the krispie balls with clear cellophane and secure it with a clear ponytail band. Finish off the baby rattles with a satin bow in one of the complementary colors.