Pinatas Shower Mamita, Papito, and Baby with Good Wishes

If you're thinking of a baby shower with a difference, a Latin-themed baby shower is the way to go. This theme suits a baby shower to a T since it appeals to women-only and to couples, too. Even couples that can't find a baby sitter for that won't feel left out because children are definitely central to any Latin celebration.

You don't have to stick to just one part of the Latin world when planning your baby shower. Feel free to mix up favorite parts. For example, it's quite all right to have carnitas and quesadillas sharing the buffet table along with large paella. Limonadas and aguas frescas can definitely be paired up with some sangria at the drinks bar. Traditional mariachi music can be played with salsa, tango, and merengue and there will be no problems at all. Just like the Latin culture itself, anything goes.

Bright colors are definitely key here to set the mood. Colorful serapes or Mexican blankets can be used instead of tablecloths and anything silvery and shiny can be used to hold the food at the table. Throw in some outsized crepe paper flowers, a sombrero or two, and multicolored streamers and paper flags, and it's all fabuloso!

Centerpieces of happy, bright flowers help keep it hot and spicy. Big, shiny bowls or woven baskets can hold a mix or tropical fruits like melons, papayas, guavas, and bananas with empty spaces filled in with fresh or paper flowers. And a not-to-be missed centerpiece should be a huge pinata occupying the center of the room. Traditionally shaped like a big horse, a fun shaped pinata could also be a star or a Mexican vase. Fill the pinata with small candies, chocolates, confetti, and small baby items like pacifiers, small packets of baby wipes, little bottles of baby toiletries, baby cologne, and baby soap could be another way to “shower” Mamita with what she needs.

Plan the food carefully; there is no more important part of any Latin-themed celebration than the food! Make sure it's a meal, not just a collection of snacks. Actually, not having enough food or letting guests go home hungry is considered rude in Latin culture. So, be sure you have enough to fill up everyone and have a bit left over. There are many choices of food you can serve here. The Mexican tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas lend themselves well to a buffet-type meal. Spanish tapas are easy to prepare, too and give a myriad of choices to the guests. Asados, or grilled foods, can keep the men busy at the party and also let the women have more time to chat. And the desserts range from fruit-based heladas, flans, sopapillas, and dulce de leche.

After all the fun, food, and dancing, the person that should take first crack at the pinata should be Mamita herself. Of course, being the guest of honor, she gets two extra whacks at the pinata, all the better to let loose some of that stress! If Papito is game, he can take his turn at the pinata, too. And keep a special prize for the person that finally gets to give it the last whack that lets all the gifts loose on the waiting crowd. The mad scramble for choice goodies in the end is the best part of the fun.

All in all, the Latin-themed baby shower should be perfect for the Mamita and Papito-to-be that enjoys family, food, and fun.