Decorating Tips - Baby Shower Ribbon

Baby showers are meant to be special, loving, and fun. They are a time to celebrate a new life coming into the world, as well as for two people to become loving and caring parents. With baby showers comes the need for a lot of planning, which can become extremely time-consuming. You have to pick out an overall theme, tableware, decorations, gifts, a location, and so much more. Baby showers can definitely cause a lot of frustration. But, once everything calms down and the time draws near, the fun part comes: decorating.

Decorating is easy, especially when it comes to baby showers. You can find decorations that match your theme at a party store, or make your own if you have a really creative side. Most people will use decorations such as banners, pictures, confetti, balloons, wreaths, flowers, and others. But, the one thing a lot of people forget about is ribbon. Ribbon can be extremely helpful when it comes to baby showers, and not only for decorating.

Finding ribbon is as easy as making a trip to a craft store. Here you will find hundreds of ribbons to choose from. You may want to use ribbon that fits your theme, or fits a color in your theme. If you are using a simple theme such as carriages, blue for a boy, pink for a girl, or just overall baby items, you can find ribbon that matches perfectly. For these themes, it may be a good idea to find ribbon that announces “It’s A Boy” or “It’s A Girl.” You can also find ribbon that has cute baby items on it.

So what do you do with the ribbon? You can easily make bows, or use the ribbon as streamers throughout the room. If you want to make bows out of your ribbon, it may be best to purchase ribbon that is wired. This makes it much easier to make bows. You can, of course, used normal ribbon and just make smaller bows. If you want to make bows and you have left over ribbon, make smaller bows to put on the mother-to-be’s table, or use it as streamers.

Ribbon can be added to gifts to make them unique. You can add a ribbon bow, or use ribbon to make a certain design on your wrapped gift.

With ribbon you can also decorate your centerpieces. No matter your centerpiece, you can easily add a bow or piece of ribbon to give it a finalizing touch. A bow around a vase with a flower is perfect. Or even if you used a bear as a centerpiece, adding a piece of ribbon around his neck is cute.

Ribbon is a great way to add a finishing touch to things, but you can even use it as a baby shower favor. Use ribbon and add little charms or plastic baby items you can find. This could work as a necklace or even as a ribbon bookmark. In any case, ribbon makes for good use, especially during a baby shower.