Baby Sock Corsage and Other Corsage Ideas

Wearing baby shower corsages is one of the best ways to celebrate the coming of a new baby. Though most people don’t think of corsages when a baby shower is mentioned, they have become an extremely popular item. In fact, in many stores, you can purchase corsages that are made just for baby showers. While there are corsages offered in stores, it’s also possible that you can create your own baby shower corsage. This will save you lots money in the end, and will allow you to show your creative side.

If you decide to make your own baby shower corsages, you will do yourself a favor by saving money. Money becomes extremely important if you plan to make a corsage for each guest that comes to the baby shower. Of course, you can just make a corsage for the mom-to-be. Another good thing about creating your own baby shower corsages is that you can personalize them, make them unique, and match them to fit your theme.

Before you can make your baby shower corsages, you will want to look at baby shower corsage ideas. These will help you decide what kind of baby shower corsage you want to make. One of the most popular baby corsages is the baby sock corsage, but there are plenty of other ideas to choose from.

1. Baby Sock Corsage

This corsage is great to give to each guest. To make your baby sock corsage, you’ll need 3 pairs of baby socks, tulle, double sided tape, a corsage pin, baby charms or small decorations, thin ribbon (2), silk flowers, floral wire, and hot glue. To make this corsage, you will roll the socks into sock roses, and then thread each with floral wire wrapped with floral tape. Once you have all of your socks rolled, add the silk flowers. You can use silk roses, baby’s breath, daisies, and any other small flowers you can find. Use the tulle to wrap the entire bundle, including the sock roses and the other flowers. Arrange the corsage, add ribbon for a final touch, put in the pin, and you have a baby sock corsage.

2. Original corsage

This corsage is much like the ones you think about when you hear the word. This is perfect to give to the mom-to-be. You will need flowers (they can be fresh or fake), scissors, floral wire and tape, a corsage pin or wristlet, as well as ribbon. You may want to find flowers including small roses, carnations, orchids, baby’s breath, daisies, and others. For the ribbon, try to find one that matches the baby shower theme, or one that matches the baby’s sex. All you have to do is cut the flowers to about a 3-inch length, put the floral wire through each flower, and use the floral tape to wrap each flower and then bundle them. That is the base of your corsage. Then you will want to wrap ribbon around the bundle of stems. You can pin this on the mother, or buy a wristlet, glue it on, and put it on the mother’s wrist.