Baby Shower Colors: Schemes and Combinations

The simplest way to plan and coordinate a baby shower is simply to choose a color scheme and let it develop from there. Typical baby shower colors are pink and white for a girl, blue and white for a boy, and yellow for a unisex baby shower. But there are other color schemes out there that will work just as well.

The easiest color scheme to pick is the one the mommy-to-be chose for her nursery. Planning everything in that color will actually help towards getting all the gifts color coordinated as well.

You'll be able to get any table settings, decorations, and accessories in any sort of design, as long as it sticks to the colors. That's a terrific kind of freedom that you won't really have with the other themed baby showers.

There are other color schemes you can use for the baby shower. For example, if you know that the baby will be a girl, aside from the pink and white, lavender and deep green can be used for a sunny Provencal feel, bright pink and lime green tempered with cool aqua evokes a cheery, almost Caribbean feeling. If the mommy-to-be prefers softer colors, though, the cool, almost popsicle-like colors of light aqua blue, pistachio green, creamy melon, and lemonade yellow work together to bring a creamy, icy feel to the party room.

Boys actually don't need to stick to primary colors, though it's more expected for masculine celebrations. The classic red, white, and blue work well at any time. Boys can also have a cooler feel to their baby showers with a bright cobalt blue, aqua green, and lime green combination. A cobalt blue and lemon yellow baby shower color scheme is very European in feel, clean and crisp.

When the parents can't or don't want to find out the gender of the baby, then a neutral color scheme is perfect. Yellow, mint green, or a soft purple are usual choices. More modern options are turquoise, orange, and brown. Daring mamas will try out other baby shower colors like black and white with turquoise or red. A very nice modern combination is chocolate brown paired with cream and soft pink or aqua.

A great source for daring or soothing color combinations are the Pantone colors. You can flip through literally thousands of colors and possible color combinations. It's a color junkie's idea of heaven.

See how easily a baby shower can come together. Choosing chocolate brown, cafe latte, and a soft baby pink evokes the feel of a cozy cafe or patisserie. Layer the tables with tablecloths of dark chocolate brown and a top cloth of cafe latte. Use creamy plates and soft pink napkins tied with chocolate brown ribbons. The luscious ribbons can be ornamented with sparkly brown beads.

The food table is decorated with tiny pink miniature roses set into dark chocolate pots. The dark brown of the table needs no cover, just a slick coat of polish to bring out all the natural tones. Set with shiny silver tableware, the whole arrangement shines. Add a towering chocolate cake covered with soft pink roses as the centerpiece set on a crystal or silver cake stand, and the whole setting is complete.

Finish off the room with streamers of chocolate brown and baby pink accessorizing bunches of large pink balloons punctuated with dark brown baby balloons. Just like that, your party area is transformed into a place evoking a very expensive chocolatier!