Diaper Cakes – Choosing the Right One for Your Shower

When thinking of decorating for the baby shower, consider using a diaper cake as a centerpiece. Not only is a diaper cake a great way to decorate, it also provides the new parents with a stack of much needed diapers. There are so many options out there for diaper cakes, but you want to make sure you choose the right one. When choosing the right diaper cake, you should not have to give up function for style or vice versa. You should be able to get the type and size of diaper you want, along with the design and look that is going to complement your baby shower theme.

Most diaper cakes are made out of medium sized diapers, but you can often request that the diaper cake be made out of smaller or larger sizes, or even a variety of sizes. Since the diaper cake is tiered, there is no reason why each tier can’t be made out of a different sized diaper if you are looking for variety. Also make sure you ask what brand of diaper is being used – not all diapers are created alike! If the diaper that is being used is not something you think would make a good diaper for the recipient, then ask if they would be willing to use a more popular brand. Many times these diaper cakes are made by home-based businesses and they are very accommodating to your needs. Spending a few extra dollars on better diapers ensures this will not only make a great decoration, but that it will actually get used in the end.

If the diaper cake maker does not have a pattern or style similar to the one you are decorating with, ask them if they are willing to use a ribbon on the diaper cake that matches your theme. Again, with may diaper cake makers being home-based businesses, you will find a lot of flexibility with your requests. In order to make sure you get the best diaper cake for your needs, shop around. You will find that diaper cakes come in so many different styles, colors, sizes and prices that you are going to want to make sure you don’t settle for the first diaper cake you find.

How embellished do you want the diaper cake to be? Diaper cakes are like cakes – you can get a simple sophisticated look, or you can get an all out decorated style. The look should match the theme and the rest of your décor for the baby shower. If you have stayed simple and sophisticated, then you should probably steer clear of the extra frills and baby items that can be found on the diaper cakes. On the other hand, if you went with a more fun and decorative theme, then you should choose a cake that has more of the embellishments and baby items.

How big do you want this diaper cake to be? Diaper cakes come in sizes ranging from 40 diapers to over 200 diapers. The price of the diaper cake is usually based on the number of diapers used, and the number of add-ons. Whatever size you pick, you can be sure that the mother-to-be will love the centerpiece that can be used again!