Choosing the Right Baby Shower Accessories

Picking out the right accessories is the basic part of planning a successful baby shower. In fact, the choice of accessories is what makes the baby shower seem properly planned or just thrown together.

The accessories, in fact, emphasize the theme of the baby shower and make it come alive. While you could just pick out what you want from an online shop willy-nilly, it would not look right when put all together if you don't bother to consider the images on the accessories, the colors, and even the designs if they go together.

Honestly speaking, you don't need designer accessories in order for your baby shower to look good. They needn't be extremely expensive either. But chosen with a purpose and a theme in mind, you can get diverse charms and decorations which, when used together, will give you a very personal and unique look.

For example, you're hosting a very traditional baby shower for a little boy. The mother has just decided to decorate his nursery in white and sky blue and have rocking horses as a main theme. Perfect! You search online and you not only find sky blue “It's a Boy” shower confetti to sprinkle onto the tables but also blue a blue rocking horse place card holder to use with it, which can also serve as a favor to your friends after the baby shower.

As a centerpiece, why not order a bouquet of blue baby booties which the mommy-to-be can use when the baby is born? The blue vase it comes with can also be utilized in the baby's room.

A little more searching turns up blue fairy lights which you can string onto a few topiary lollipop trees you already have at home. Personalized banners congratulating the parents-to-be are another sort of decoration that you can use indoors. Finish off everything with a pretty blue “It's a Boy” diaper cake and tableware that suits the theme as well and you're more than halfway done at planning your baby shower.

What about if the baby shower is for a baby girl and the mommy-to-be doesn't want to use pink? Well, there are other colors that would be just as suitable, such as lilac, yellow, aqua, even lime green. And the best part is you can find it all on the net!

Let's say the mommy-to-be's favorite flowers are sweet peas. Well, that's a perfect theme for a sweet little baby girl! And the bright green colors used for this theme are in no way like that sweetie-sweetie pink.

The center of attraction for this theme will be a sweet pea diaper cake, with all the tiers covered with green sweet pea ribbons, just about pretty enough to eat. The table itself is easily set, with the tableware and all the matching accessories available for this theme.

And why not pack some sweet green peppermints in a light green organza bag? Finished off with a few tiny fabric flowers, it's these baby shower accessories that can give the appearance of a pretty afternoon tea party.