Baby Shower Decorating Ideas and Tips

After you’ve got your location picked out for your baby shower, and maybe even a theme, it’s time to pick out decorations for your baby shower. This is one of the easiest and most fun parts for most, but for others it’s expensive and overly complicated. However, if you have a theme picked out, all you have to do is find, or even make decorations that fit the theme. If you have a Noah’s Ark theme, you’ll want to find boat decorations as well as those with animals on them. Maybe you want to be classic and just picked a simple theme of pink carriages, to represent your new daughter. You can easily find pastel pink decorations with carriages on them that will match perfectly.

One of the easiest things you can do to decorate for your baby shower is to buy table clothes. Find a color that matches your theme, or find one that goes along with your overall theme. Once you have table covers, you can start to decorate the tables with centerpieces, confetti, and maybe even candles. You can easily find centerpieces at a party store that go along with your theme. Make sure that they aren’t too big, or too small. If you want to do more of a sophisticated look, try to find candles that match a color in your theme. You can find cheap glass containers to put them in, and let them burn during the baby shower. Of course, for fun and looks, you can add confetti to each table. Not too much, but just enough to give it a little sparkle.

With baby showers, balloons are extremely popular, and are one of the most common decorations you will find. You may want to purchase a bouquet or two of just latex balloons that match your baby shower theme and then place them near the mom-to-be. You can probably also find balloons in the shape of a baby, a carriage, or maybe even animals, if that matches your theme. Matching balloon weights also work well.

To decorate the surrounding space, banners, signs, streamers, and maybe even pictures can add a nice touch. You can find all of these decorations in stores, or you can make them on your own. Making your own decorations will save you a lot of money in the long-run. If you want to make a banner, you can always print one out using your computer. Or, you can go to a craft store, purchase paper letters, and string them together to form different messages. Streamers are good for decorating the space around the expecting mother.

When it comes to baby shower decorating, it’s important that you work with your theme. Even if your theme is simple, try your best to match the decorations that you choose. Don’t over-decorate, but make sure you have enough decorations so that guests take a look around and say “wow.” Too much decorating can make the room seem crammed, especially if you have too many balloons around.