Pretty Handmade Baby Shower Decorations

Any season party goer knows that decorations set the stage for any kind of party and help reinforce the theme as well. But decorations for your baby shower don't have to be that expensive, store-bought stuff. You can make attractive handmade baby shower decorations quite easily, and at a fraction of the price of the commercially available ones.

Balloons are definitely harbingers of a great time ahead. A plus is that they are a terrific ingredient for handmade baby shower decorations. Balloons of different colors can be bunched together to form “chandeliers” that can be taped onto the ceiling with double-sided tape and finished off with twirly strands of curling ribbon. They also make pretty bunches for the walls when massed together in varying sizes and colors and again finished with the curling ribbon. Think of it as a balloon arrangement for your wall.

Balloons can make pretty floor arrangements, too. Blow up full-sized balloons and knot them securely. Twist a thick wire (a 12-gauge wire is ok) around the knot and leave the end long enough to act as a “stem” for the balloon. You can choose to finish off the knotted part with a ribbon tie or a cardboard collar covered with a contrasting colored paper and secured to the balloon with tape. Stick a small bunch of the balloons, around three or five, into a large clay pot that has a flowering plant in it. If you prefer to use artificial flowers instead, the pot could be filled with sand instead and the flowers and accompanying greenery arranged at the base of the balloons. Pretty bows could be nestled into the arrangement, too.

Don't forget to decorative touches to the furniture already in the room, too. Bows can be tied to the backs of the chairs, either using ribbons or tulle. Little corsages could be clipped onto lampshades or on any large vases in the room.

Sparkly touches add to the handmade baby shower decorations very nicely. Take icicles out of their normal holiday arrangements and incorporate them into any ceiling or wall hangings in the party area.

When decorating the room, don't forget the ceiling. A pretty handmade baby shower decorations can be simply made with a lightweight paper parasol in a pretty color. Open up the parasol and fill the inside with artificial flowers, icicles, ribbon bows, and hanging crystals until you can't see anything anymore. You may need more flowers than you think for this!

Suspend the whole arrangement over the food table or in the center of the room. Have it low enough so that the outer side of the parasol can be seen. There's no better way to express the theme of a baby shower than this!

Smaller handmade baby shower decorations can be made for side-tables or any flat surface simply by piling marbles in the color scheme of the baby shower into clear glass vases. Or, the vases can simply be filled to the top with water intensely tinted with food coloring in the color scheme of the baby shower.

Decorations never need to be expensive, just well-thought out and closely coordinated. These handmade baby shower decorations are definitely proof that you don't need to buy anything to make your party look good.