Eye-catching Decorations Make the Perfect Baby Shower Backgrounds

Decorations make the perfect baby shower backgrounds. This obviously doesn't mean the usual decorations of balloons bunched together and paper streamers strung along the walls, but decorations which are eye-catching and make the theme very clear. After all, without the right decorations to drive home the point of the theme, you'll have no idea what the party is all about.

They don't have to be extremely expensive or commissioned by a party planner, either. You can make them all by yourself, as simply or as elaborately as you want, and they will give that extra-special touch to the baby shower.

That said, the secret to making decorations obvious yet not gaudy is to take a few simple elements and repeat them all over the room. Balloons, for example, are an easy way to make a statement. But, having them in all colors that you can think of scattered around the room just makes one statement – it's a mess.

But if you stick to a single color scheme, that will make the room pulled together. When you are doing an “Under the Sea” baby shower, choose two or three different shades of aqua for the balloons and position them on the floor to simulate water. Now that makes a better statement.

If you repeat those same colors with the streamers hanging from the ceiling, blue lights changing the mood of the room, even blue tablecloths that look watery, then you're enveloping your guests in a background of blue and they really won't think they are anywhere else except underwater!

Don't stick to the usual decorations, either. Sometimes it's just a little imagination which can give you an unusual look and save you money to boot.

Reusable decorations are best. This doesn't just mean party decorations but things that the mommy-to-be can use for the new baby. One item that comes to mind is a baby bath tub. This can be used in many ways – an oversized punch bowl, a container where gifts can be deposited, even floating on the ceiling with balloons attached and three men inside to simulate the “tub” in the “Rub-a-dub-dub” poem. After the party, the bath tub simply morphs into its everyday useful self for the baby.

Baby bottles are another kind of decoration that you can use as well. Filled with unsprayed flowers, they make the perfect flower vases in the middle of a dining table. Or, they can be put into use on the buffet table and filled with condiments that can be poured onto the food. Imagine shaking mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise onto your food with a baby bottle! Just snip off the tip of the nipple to let the condiments flow out easily. Then, with a good wash, they'll be ready for use with baby.

You simply need to consider three things when creating spectacular decorations for the baby shower. The theme, the party area, and the budget. Once you have all three, the sky is the limit for you!