How to Incorporate Beads into Your Baby Shower Decorations

When you've got a really crafty mommy-to-be, you'd be right to want to have decorations that are both unique and pretty. These can be ought, of course, but the mommy-to-be and your guests will surely appreciate homemade or home-embellished decorations so much more.

One way to get that truly handcrafted look at your baby shower is to incorporate beads into your decorations, favors, and even in the activities that everyone will participate in.

For example, you can use glass beads to decorate the tables. The mouths of plain glass jars can be wrapped with beads threaded onto wire so that they'll sparkle when the candles are lit. Rounds of beads can also be used as napkin rings. Strings of colored beads can be wound around the centerpiece to add a sense of fun to it. Beads can also be simply sprinkled onto the table to add small touches of color.

You don't need to stick to sparkly beads, either. Those baby showers with a spa, Asian, or African theme will definitely benefit from lots of burnished metallic beads or glowing earth-colored pearls. These give off a more relaxed and sophisticated, rather than shiny and girly, feel to the baby shower.

Beads are more usually used for the favors, though. Little bags made of rich and shiny fabric can be embellished with beads to make them even prettier. These are sure to be re-used to store jewelry and such when the gifts inside are consumed. These even make pretty decorations when piled into a beautiful bowl and set on a table near the party area.

Speaking of jewelry, these are wonderful favors to give to your friends. Whether they are bracelets, anklets, necklaces, or even beaded ponytail holders, there's no woman who's not going to like a gift like this. And if you want to let your friends receive a gift of jewelry that suits them perfectly, why not provide a selection of beads, wires, threads, and findings for them? They can make their own jewelry (a perfect group activity) and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Another activity which involves beads is a rather sentimental and emotional tradition at a Blessingway or a Mother Blessing that is called the bead ceremony. Each guest is asked to bring a special bead with them when the come to the party. Or, they can make the bead themselves with a bit of clay and decorate it with paints before or after it's baked in the oven.

Afterward, each guest presents the bead to the mommy-to-be, who string it onto a necklace. When the bead is presented, the guest either gives the mommy-to-be a blessing or explains the meaning of the bead. The necklace is worn throughout labor so the mommy-to-be can remember that everybody is concerned with her well-being.

There are even beads that are made especially for a baby shower. These come in cute or funny shapes like ducks, bears, flip-flops, or crayons. These are fun beads to have anywhere in the baby shower.