Give Your Little One a Fiesta Themed First Birthday Party

What little child would not be wide-eyed with a fiesta birthday party? This colorful theme is a fun one to put together and one even more fun to celebrate.

Set the theme with invitations that put the guests in a fiesta mood. Choose from the many that can be found all over the internet or create one of your own with your computer. Choose symbols that give off that Latin flair, like a sombrero, a cactus, or a party favorite, the pinata. Print the party details at the back and ask the guests if they could come in Mexican costume.

Happy colors are the best scheme here – pink, aqua, yellow, blue, and green are basic fiesta colors. Have balloons in these colors all over the party area and put them together in bunches. Paper or cloth pastel flaglets are suspended across the ceiling to give that authentic fiesta feel. And in the center of the room, hang a large pinata filled with all sorts of treats, small gifts, and candies. Add to the fun with balloon pinatas suspended over the tables. These are simply giant balloons that have candy and confetti inside them. These are popped to release the treats, usually with a somewhat sharp object like a barbecue stick or keys.

Decorate the kids' table with different colored pastel tablecloths and toppers. Set a plastic pot in the middle and fill it with tissue flowers made with various hues of paper. Each place setting should have different colored utensils and white plates at them. The pastel napkins are cinched with a white ribbon tied into a floppy bow.

The cake table is decorated in a similar manner. Pastel tablecloths or one that is printed with pastels in a Latin-inspired design holds the cake and little cookies flavored with lime and iced with different pastel-hued frostings. A stack of white plates and utensils should be to the side of the cake and the candle set right on top.

Kids love Mexican and Latin food, so you shouldn't have a problem here. Serve nachos and plain cheese quesadillas to your guests, along with a mild chilli in a little bowl topped with grated cheese and a dollopof sour cream. The adults could have access to a taco bar set to the side. Have aguas frescas available – juice made from fresh fruits like lime or oranges, fresh apple juice, or pink lemonade. These must be served with lots of ice and are very refreshing.

As an activity, have the kids take swings at the pinata. If they're very young they don't need to be blindfolded; only the older ones need this to level the playing field. Have the birthday celebrant pop the balloons with a somewhat sharp stick assisted by one of the parents.

The favors are easy – a small pair of maracas paired with a sombrero and a bandanna make a most memorable – if somewhat noisy – parting gift. Throw in a small hobo bag of assorted candies, and you'll be just fine.