Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Party

Once the mommy has a love for Hello Kitty, it's but natural that the little girl will develop a love for this sweet little Japanese kitty, too. What other theme is natural for a first birthday party than Hello Kitty?

There are so many Hello Kitty invitations available commercially so you can definitely use them when you're short of time. But if you want to use something a little more original, you can download images of Hello Kitty and create invitations of your own. If there is a particular theme that you want to incorporate, then by all means do so! It just makes Hello Kitty that much more lively. For example, you may want to have a Hello Kitty in Paris theme and position the Eiffel Tower behind her.

A perfect color scheme for Hello Kitty in Paris is pink, white, and black. Use these colors all throughout the birthday party. Position pink, black, and white balloons in bunches in the corners of the room. Anchor the balloons in large pots planted with pink petunias. Hang up black and white streamers, and use pink crepe paper to create oversized pink bows hung at intervals as accents. Suspend white and pink Chinese paper lanterns from black ribbons on the ceiling. Set lollipop topiaries around the room and decorate them with pink bows and white flowers.

Decorate the kiddie table with a dark pink tablecloth and top it with a lighter pink cloth set on the diagonal. Make another four oversized bows from the pink crepe and set them on each corner of the table. Each place setting will use a white plate and pink utensils, with a pink napkin tied with a black ribbon set on each plate. At the center of the table, position a large plush Hello Kitty toy with a black beret sitting on a field of pink and white flowers. The flowers don't have to be real; you can use tissue paper flowers instead.

The cake table should be decorated rather differently. Cover the table with a black tablecloth and throw over a white topper. Position the cake at the center of the table and set pink cake plates and utensils beside it. The cake itself can be slightly elevated, with pink tissue flowers tucked underneath to hide the elevation.

A pretty cake for this Hello Kitty in Paris theme would be a crouquembouche. But since it's going to be feeding young kids, make it with a bit of a difference. Pile the cream puffs filled with a custard cream up exactly the same way. However, don't use the caramel to stick it together since it's a little strongly flavored and bitter for young kids. Use white, pink-tinted, and dark chocolate to coat the cream puffs and stick them together. Accent the croquembouche with pink and white sugar flowers and you're done.

Serve dainty food at this first birthday party. Little tea sandwiches filled with ham salad, or cream cheese and strawberry jam, or chicken salad would be great. Savory cream puffs stuffed with herbed cream cheese and sugar cookies topped with confectioner's sugar glaze and a half maraschino cherry would be great complements to the sandwiches. Serve them with a strawberry iced tea with ice cubes that have had tiny mint leaves and strawberries frozen in them.

Great favors for this birthday party would be Hello Kitty stickers and pencils, plus little strawberry gummy candies, Kitty's favorite.