Have a Puppy Dog Birthday!

There is no closer relationship than the one between a kid and a dog. While the one-year old may still be too young for pets, this is a great birthday party theme for parents that love canines and are looking forward to the time they can add a family pet to the mix.

Literally, there are tons of puppy dog invitations there, ranging from drawings to photos. Either purchase or download your favorite and fill in the details of the party. It's also very simple to make a puppy dog birthday invitation on the family computer. You can even tweak it a bit to make it look like the dog you're planning to get.

Why not have black and white for this birthday party? And throw in a little red or aqua to liven it up? By using the paw print as the symbol of the party, you've just about tied it all up. Purchase white balloons and stamp dog prints all over it before it's blown up. Have it dry out first and you'll have really original balloons. Add black and red colored balloons to the bunch and they're perfect decorations already. Use colored ribbon for the string and it's really eye-catching.

Use white cloths for the tables with the black paw prints stamped on them. Red plates and utensils add that needed pop of color. As the centerpiece, have a little plush black and white dog and tie a big red bow around its neck as decoration. Tie a red ribbon around a white napkin for a great color contrast. You can have red flowers at its feet to make it look cuter.

Decorate the cake table with the same stamped tablecloth and center a cake stand on it. Cupcakes placed around the cake stand are just perfect when iced with fluffy white frosting. The decorations are chocolate tablets for the biggest pad of the paw print and dark brown MMs for the toes. Finish off the edges with red sprinkles.

The cake doesn't have to be very big; a mini cake is enough for the little one and all the guests get cupcakes. You can have the cake decorated with a chocolate paw print made from melted chocolate on the top and a wide, white ribbon stamped with paw prints for the side of the cake. Put the candle on top and give the baby his very own cake!

The food is the same plain and simple food that children are used to eating. You could serve boneless strips of chicken cooked crisp in the oven with a ranch or tomato dip. To go with the ranch dressing, prepare vegetable sticks and toasted bread fingers or bread sticks. Cheese and crackers are another option, along with bowls of cut-up fruit. As a special treat, serve them little chocolate chip cookies that had been cut out in bone shapes with a bone cookie cutter.

For favors, finger puppets of different dogs are fun! Add to that a soft ball and your favors are complete.