1st Birthday Bike Party

Let's face it – the most exciting gift for the parents to give and a child to receive is their first bike. Now while a one-year old is definitely too young to have a bike, the parents can dream about it a bit with a bike-themed birthday party.

There are tons of invitations out there with bikes as a theme. You can just purchase one if you want to save time, but creating one with the computer is just as quick. You can download one image you particularly like of a kid on a bike and use that for the cover of your invitation. After keying in the details for the back, you're done.

The first and most memorable bike is colored – red! And red is a real eye-catcher at a first birthday party. Go all out and have everything in red, black, and white. Order your balloons in these colors and distribute them in bunches around the party area. Have streamers in the same colors swagging the walls as well. Strings of rec Chinese paper lanterns across the ceiling add to the party atmosphere, too. Hang traffic signs on the walls to add some atmosphere.

Cover the tables with a white cloth and add a red topper. In the middle of each table, have a small arrangement of paper flowers topped with crossed black and white racing flag pennants. Set each table with white tableware and black plates.

Set up the cake table in the same way. After the white cloth and red topper are in place, set up a cake stand for the cake. Have round sugar cookies piled around the base of the cake stand. The cookies should be glazed with white icing sugar glaze and after they're dry, decorated with black frosting to form a wheel. Small bikes would be a nice touch here.

The food should be something simple and could be held in the hand. Pigs in blankets, mini-pizzas, and donut holes are a few options. You could also have some deli platters and chunks of fresh fruit for the children. The adults can have a little more sophisticated food available, maybe another deli platter with some smelly cheese and a glass of wine would be enough.

The cake is something that should be really eye-catching. A plain cake with black and white checks cut from fondant covering it and topped with a toy red bike is a terrific idea. Not only does the bike look good, but it also doubles as a room decoration and toy later on. You could add the wording in red to make a clean counterpoint and draw in all the theme colors.

The favors should be practical here. A nice container would be a sports water bottle that is personalized for each guest. Paint pens would work here. Fill the bottle with bike paraphernalia like reflective slap bracelets, reflectors for the bike spokes, and a little booklet on bike safety. Add some candies to that so the kids don't get disappointed.

The bike has long been considered a rite of passage from babyhood to childhood. Let the parents reminisce and dream about that time that's coming soon with a bike birthday party.