Long Live the King! Celebrate with a Babar Birthday Party

In 1931, the “King of the Elephants” was introduced to the world through a children's book entitled “The Story of Babar” and written by Jean de Brunhoff based on a story invented by his wife for their two children. This classic story presented Babar, his wife Celeste, and their children to the whole world. His son Laurent (who fell asleep to tales of Babar as a child) wrote more books about this heroic pachyderm starting in 1946. From 30 stories, there were more than 7 million books printed, toys designed, an animated series, films, a website, a video opera, and numerous other things created based on this beloved series.

He is also a favorite theme for a birthday party, although admittedly more popular in Europe than in America. Themed party décor is rather difficult to find but the theme can always be adapted for a beautiful party.

Send out a pachyderm themed birthday invitation to inform the guests of the theme of the birthday party. If it's one that purchased that's not Babar, you can tweak it a little bit by tacking on a gold crown sticker so it looks similar. Or, you can download an image and use that for the cover of the invitation card. Write down the details of the birthday party inside.

Babar is always pictured in a beautiful green suit, and that's a wonderful choice for the birthday party color scheme. Paired with aqua, red, and light gray, this is a perfect theme interpretation.

Channel the Babar books into your party area with a few simple touches. First, decorate the area with bunches of balloons in green, aqua, and red. A fun touch is to attach gold paper crowns to the top or side of the balloons with double-sided tape. Display the bunches in the corners of the area by anchoring them in large pots that are filled with green tropical plants. Babar also has banana plants in pots in his castle; you can adapt that look by setting tropical plants like false banana in pots around the room, interspersed with the balloon bunches.

Streamers are an easy addition, but look for ones that are wider to make them look more old-fashioned. You can have an elephant pinata hanging in the center of the room. Hang Babar posters on the wall, too.

Decorate the kids' table by using either aqua or bright green tablecloths and a light gray topper. As a centerpiece, cut out a gold crown using metallic card and set a wide container on the inside and fill with red gerberas or daisies. A variation is to use red tissue paper flowers. Use green plates and red tableware. Plain light gray napkins tied with a green ribbon sit on top of the plates.

The cake table uses a light gray cloth and a bright green topper. Try to find a gold-colored cake stand to elevate the cake. Around the cake, have enough cupcakes for each of the children decorated with frosting in green and aqua with red, yellow, and white sprinkles.

The cake is rather simple. Many commercial bakeries do digital printing for the top of the cake. Simply bring along a photo and they'll transfer your design straight onto the cake.

As for the favors, you can give an elephant head cup. Fill it with cookies, bubbles, and an elephant-shaped lollipop. Long Live the King!