Basic Differences in Themes for 1st Birthday and Baby Shower Parties

While at first glance the themes used for baby showers and 1st birthday parties do look similar, in fact, there are quite a few themes that are used solely for baby showers and nothing else. Obviously, the more adult themes like pampering showers or even the “little things” theme cannot be adapted to a 1st birthday party, which is geared to celebrate children, not their mothers. Themes that are baby related like diapers and onesies can be used for both baby showers and 1st birthdays, but for 1st birthdays, you can also use more infant related themes including toys and cartoon characters that the child enjoys.

Baby showers, however, can adapt just about any theme that is usable for a 1st birthday party or any children's party, for that matter. Whether it's one about princesses, mermaids, cars, or cartoon characters, it's one that will be suitable.

When planning a baby shower, it's considered acceptable for adults to act like children, which may be the reason why it's OK to have a 1st birthday party theme for the shower. The baby's 1st birthday party will naturally be based on things that interest them. So, if the child has an interest in insects, dinosaurs, or certain cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or even kids' shows like Yo Gabba Gabba, it would be the best to have the party revolve around that. The child will take more interest in the party if it's based on something they like.

Much like other parties, the children's parties can be divided into categories, but not by how formal or informal they are. Classic children's parties are those that can be traced back to what the parents or even the grandparents would have chosen as themes for their own parties. These parties are pirate parties, cowboys, airplanes, circus or carnival themes, teddy bears, and the classic prince and princess parties. There are tons of invitations, decorations and ideas that can suit these classic and comforting themes.

Another type of children's party theme is the character theme. These are usually based on one character or TV show that children like. The superhero theme parties fall under this, as well as those of the ever popular Walt Disney cartoon characters and the newly classic Strawberry Shortcake or popular movies like Harry Potter. These can be quite easy parties to plan for as well, since they come complete with decorating ideas, game ideas, even complete menus.

The last category is the simplest one and is the seasonal party. Everything here will be based on the season's attributes or the major holiday of that season. So, winter would have snowflake or snowman parties, or a Christmas theme for the birthday party. Spring could easily be flowers, budding plants, spring showers, or Easter. Summer's beach party can be followed by a Fourth of July celebration, while autumn is rich in colored leaves, turkeys, and ghouls.

Just remember that the party theme should be suitable both for the birthday celebrant and the guests that are attending. It would be a rather sad party when the birthday boy or girl bursts out crying whenever the main attraction of the circus party – the clown – approaches them.